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I left the classroom again, saying I had too much club work.....and the teacher always seems to believe me.


Hoseok always uses the host club as an excuse to leave class, and he's too dumb to see that the teacher lets him do that, because she likes him.

Oblivious people these days.


Jungkook obviously admires Hoseok, but I don't. Jungkook is too oblivious to know that he's 'admired' too.

Kookie's these days.


I know that Jimin Hyung likes me, my reaction is....meh. He thinks I'm stupid, 'innocent', and doesn't know his feelings, but I'm not.

Annoying people these days.

Sorry, I just had to.......continuing the story now


Reaching the host club doors, I made a memo to look at my memo.....'look at memo'- memo 1

' memo is,.......close your mouth'- memo 2

What? Why did I do this?

I'll just open my mouth to see why I wrote this.

I regret it.

I choked.

Jin hyung had to help me cough out the rose petal.

When I was done being choked, Namjoon said, "Maybe we shouldn't do that anymore"

Wow,.....I totally don't agree with you. People with high IQ's these days.

After listening to some Namjin moments, I saw Jungkook already siting on a couch, drinking some tea.

Wha- How- when-

"Jungkook, how did you get here before me? You were just in the classroom?"

"Because I'm batma- I mean, because I'm the Golden Maknae"

What the actual fuck.

I walked over to Jungkook's table, and I stubbed my toe, and fell on top of Jungkook.

While sitting on top of him, I covered his ears and said,

"Shit! God this fucking little table, you asshole, why would you do this to me?"

Everyone but Jungkook and Taehyung's thoughts: Is he talking to the table???


Woo! Am I blushing? I think I'm blushing.

First, Hosoek is on my lap.

Second, his hand is cupping my ears.

All I could comprehend was, "he's touching me."

"He's Touching me!"


"He'S ToUchInG Me!!!"

He's touching my you know what!!!!!!! I dare him. I dare him to move- no, I dare the author to make him move.

Try me bitch.

Did you just call me a bitch???

N-no, I was talking to my imaginary female dog.....

Awww, you're so cute.

Show me your birth certificate. How old are you? Should you be calling me cute?


I thought so.

I'm sorry you guys. I'm totally out of it today.

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