Chapter 39

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Erin's POV

I sat in silence for quite some time until Dominic walked back into the room. He had a cup in his hand but he didn't look in my direction, nor did he say one word to me, instead he walks directly to the side of the room checking up on Seline. I'm not really sure how long it's been since Dominic called my dad, over an hour now maybe two, but I was almost relieved when Seline started groaning softly in her sleep about fifteen minutes ago, indicating that she was probably coming about.

I of course didn't tell Dominic about this. I was hoping that she would wake up soon while he wasn't in the room, let me loose and maybe just maybe we could try and figure out how to escape. Dominic was smart though, he knew what he was doing. "Her necks finally healed," he mutters quietly. He scoops my cousin up in his arms and gently sits her back down on the chair next to me. He doesn't tie the chains around her though, he only handcuffs her wrist to the armchairs instead. "Can't have her running around if she decides to wake up soon, can we now?"

Dominic flashes me a small smile and goes to retrieve his metal camping mug from the ground where he had left it. He walks back over crouching down in front of me, "your dads taking his sweet ass time to get here and I wasn't sure if you were hungry or not, but I brought you something to drink either way."

"Not hungry," I reply shortly, looking off to the side.

He nods, "that's understandable." He stands back up taking a drink of the blood, "I'm sorry that you girls had to get caught in the middle of this, but I can't let your dad get away with killing my brother. I was getting his stupid ass money the night he killed Zeke, I was gonna pay him back, I just needed a little more time." His voice starts to trail off.

"Sounds like you had more than enough time to pay the money back to me." I bit back, bitterly. "You blame my dad for killing your brother when you knew the consequences that come with borrowing money. You knew when your deadline was. You dragged your brother into this mess, into your mess. Of course big brother was gonna look out for his little brother, it's what any sibling would've done. If you're gonna blame anyone then why don't you start blaming yourself. You got your brother killed Dominic, his death is on you!"

My face instantly started burning, I felt the slap before I could process what had just happen. In less than half a second Dominic was standing in front of me, back handing the left side of my face. My eyes threaten to tear up from the stinging that was occurring. Dominic grabbed onto a handful of my hair yanking my head back, digging the barrel of his gun under my chin. "I dare you to say another fucking word bitch!"

I opened my mouth to say something, but it closed back up when I heard faint gun shots at a distance. I knew Dominic heard them too because he removed his gun from where he had it, and turned to look back at where the sound of the shots had came from. "Sounds like my dads here.." I sneered.

Dominic turns back to look at me, scowling me in fact. The back of his hand connects with my face again, and the slap stings more this time than the first one. He yanks back on my hair again, leans down next to my face and snarls into my ear. "For your sake, you better hope that he did come."

The door to the room immediately flys open and a man I hadn't recognized steps inside. I started wondering to myself just how many guys were working with Dominic, or for him. The younger looking guy was breathing heavily as he spoke to Dominic, worry and panic clearly written all over his face. "We have company, Dom."

Dominic waves him off and tells him that he'll be out in a second. The guy nods and rushes out of the room leaving the door open, more guns shots are still being fired from a distance. Dominic pulls out a black cloth from the inside of his jacket and ties it around my mouth. "Be a good girl while I'm gone and don't make a sound, yeah?" He chuckles exiting the room, closing the door behind him.

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