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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 1~

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Chapter 1~

He sat on the steps of the large white mansion’s porch. The paint had been peeling for years and the place looked like it was going to fall any day now. But he didn’t seem to take any notice of the mansion’s horrible condition. He’d lived there for at least five years now; he was eleven when they first moved in. He and his mother had always loved the cold weather; even if he felt like he was deeply connected maybe even like his soul was attached to the snow and the sleet. Since he was born, his skin had a natural blue tint, and the same with his icy lips. His hair had been white as snow until a few years back when it gradually changed to the bright blue it is now. His eyes were piercing blue, like Kool-Aid blue and his temperature never went any higher than 60 degrees. He would always ask his mother if that was normal, she’d nod and it was expected for her to switch the subject immediately.

                Kids at school would wonder why he was so different; he’d wonder that also. Kids would ask if he dyed his hair, he’d only agree not to draw attention to himself; but that happened anyway. He was gladly accepted by the ‘scene’ crowd and was tagged as a ‘scenester’. He never understood the style quite that well but he would do his best to fake through it most of the time.

                Now, he blow cold wind through his lips and out into their front yard. He swirled it around with his fingertips and little specs of ice would spin around intertwined with the gust of wind. He was something different, alright. He knew this was true, but he had ignored it all this time; until he realized what he could do that is. Like now, he could start a full-blown snow storm if he wanted to.

                The mansion was secluded in the dark woods away from any nearby houses or cabins. No one knew but his mother that he could perform such acts. She had even told him before he discovered he could, that he would most likely develop the power to enslave the weather. Just yesterday, he sneezed causing icicles to shoot out and break the window in the kitchen door. Of course, it was really no problem since most of the time he couldn’t control these outbursts of ice.

                A rustle caught his interest and he dropped the snowy wind and looked off into the trees. A deer timidly walked onto the dead lawn. He turned away from the animal and continued with his tomfoolery. After perfecting the small flurry, he brought his hands down into his lap. The front door creaked behind him and he whipped around quickly. His mother stood in the doorway with her dark brown hair pulled back into a bun at the back of her head. He pushed up on his knees and turned to her with a smile.  

                “Jack, what are you doing now?” He shrugged and rubbed the side of his neck with his left hand and looked at his shoes.

                “Jack…what are you doing?” She repeated herself, a little annoyed now.

                “I’m just messing around, Mom.”

                 She nodded lightly and looked out onto the lawn seeing the deer and turning back to Jack.

                “Putting on a show for the woodland creatures?”

She said with a light laugh covering her mouth with her palm. Jack smiled and turned to the deer as it ran back into the thick trees.

                “Maybe.” He let a chuckle escape his lips before his mother continued.

                “Would you like to come inside now? It’s quite cold out…”

                “Naw, Mom, I’m fine thank you. You can come out here with me if you’d like to though.”

                She smiled excepting the offer but first going back inside for her coat. Jack was sitting on the steps again when she emerged from the big white doors. She sat down beside him pulling her skirt down over her knees and fixing the sleeve of his shirt. He gently pushed her hand away and her cheeks flushed to a light pink from the weather. He looked forward watching the nomad clouds in the sky and the leaves whirling in the wind.


                He looked at her and raised his left eyebrow into an arch as she proceeded.  

                “Well, you know how you’ve wanted some of your friends to come over?”

                He nodded lightly listening carefully now.

                “Well, I’ve decided you can do that now. The house isn’t that bad and you’ve done fairly well with keeping your powers to yourself so this weekend you may invite a friend or two but no more than four.”

Jack swooped his mother into a tight hug; she hugged him back while shivering and smiling.


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