The Dog's Lick

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I know, I know, EVERYONE has heard this one. But I thought I shoud include it anyway. I'd say a 7/10 (for those who haven't heard it before. If you have, then it's no longer scary.) There are so many versions of this but I am going to do the original one, so it may be a little different.


A young girl is staying by herself in the house for the first time. Her parents have told her, "If you get scared, put your hand under the bed and the dog will lick it. He'll keep you safe."

She turns on the TV and watches the news. The reporters are talking about a serial killer who has escaped prison and is on the loose, and they warn everyone not to go out after dark. The girl is scared and she runs around her house, locking all the windows. She goes down to the basement but the window there is jammed and she can't close it, so instead she locks the basement door. 

When she goes to bed she calls her dog up and he crawls under the bed. She is still frightened, but manages to go to to sleep.

She wakes up in the middle of the night to a loud dripping noise coming from the bathroom. The noise is loud and annoying, but for some reason she finds it unsetling. Her room is dark and she is afraid to get up to check it. She sticks her hand under the bed like her parents told her to do and feels the dog's warm, wet tongue licking it. She tries to turn on her bed side lamp but the switch isn't working. She becomes even more scared and buries under the covers. She puts her hand under the bed again. The dog licks it, and she manages to go back to sleep, listening to her dog's heavy breathing to calm her. She sleeps with one arm dangling under the bed where her dog can lick it occaisionally, and vows to check the dripping in the morning.

The next day she gets up and goes to the bathroom to shower. As she pulls back her shower curtain, she sees her dog hanging by a rope from the shower head, dead. Blood is trickling from it, thick and stale. Written in it's blood across the bathroom wall is


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