✯ | chapter seventeen

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FINN WAS GONE. And Clarke had killed him.


The next day, Bellamy woke Leila, who had fallen into a restless sleep somewhere between midnight and dawn, informing her that they were taking Finn's body back to the village where the massacre took place. It was foretold that the Grounders of the village had a death ritual, in which they would burn Finn's body and join murder and murderer in fire.

Clarke agreed.

It wasn't the ritual that shocked Leila; it was the fact that Clarke agreed to it, instead of burying Finn's body within their walls. She got up, her eyes sore and undoubtedly puffy. Turning away from Bellamy, she ran a hand through her hair and pulled it into a messy bun to keep it off of the back of her neck.

"I look horrible. Go away," she said in a choked voice.

"You look beautiful," Bellamy complimented.

Leila flashed him a glare. "Forgive me if I don't reply to that, but I'm not in the mood."

"It's okay," Bellamy told her gently. "I know how you feel."

"You know how I feel?" Leila asked incredulously. "Do you? Finn was my first friend in the Sky Box. He was the one who stood up for me when people like Murphy picked on me because I'm Kane's daughter, although I did kick the asshole so hard that he couldn't walk for a week, but that's not the point. Finn stuck up for me and I couldn't do the same for him. So, Blake, you're wrong. You don't know how I feel because one of my best friends is dead."

"He was my friend, too," Bellamy whispered.

"I know," Leila nodded, wiping her eyes. "But we have to go."

The brunette pushed herself to her feet and exited her and Bellamy's room, walking straight up to the gate without speaking to anyone. She did make one quick pit-stop in order to grab her swords, but other than that she held no conversation with anyone. It would take time to get over Finn's death, but when she did, she'd come back stronger.

There was something Finn once said to her, after he got into a spat with Murphy and Leila had almost lost her mind with worry. He said: "Think of your life like a glowstick. Sometimes you have to break in order to shine."

She was the glowstick, and she was broken. Now all she needed to do was shine.


As they walked along a path behind the wagon on which Finn's body rested, Clarke suddenly lost her focus on the route ahead of her and began staring intently at the grass on the edge of the path. Taking a few steps forward to catch up with her, Leila placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Hey," she said quietly. "You doing all right?"

"Yeah," Clarke replied.

Leila looked ahead of them. "You did the right thing."

"Now I get to live with it," Clarke answered, as Bellamy joined them. Clarke's eyes flashed to him. "You still think this truce is a bad idea, don't you?"

"I think we're wasting time with politics while our friends are in trouble," Bellamy replied.

"We need their army to get to Mount Weather, Bellamy," Clarke said. "And you know it."

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