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I wake up with a killer headache, luckily I roll
over to see a glass of water and an aspirin on the nightstand.
How much did I drink last night? Oh gosh I hope I didn't embarrass  myself, wait if Alexander was in here? Did we sleep together?
I look down and see that I'm fully clothed.
He didn't take advantage of me?
Wow... I must of been quite something last night because I know I'm a terrible drunk.

I take the aspirin along with a hot shower, once I'm done getting ready I feel a lot better.

I go downstairs and Alexander is having coffee at the table

I sit down across from him and the maid pours me orange juice and puts breakfast in front of me.

"Good morning " he says

"Good morning " I say

" Are you feeling okay?" he asks

I sip my orange juice

" Yes, thank you" I say

" I'm sorry if I did anything stupid. Im not very pleasant when I drink too much alcohol. " I say

He smiles " You were not bad at all. I promise" he says

"Are you sure? " I ask

" Positive, mio amore " he says

Thank god


Breakfast was silent but it was a surprisingly comfortable silence. I kept glancing at her as she looked down at her plate.

I've truly never seen someone so beautiful and she doesn't even know it.

" Bella " I say

She looks up with a slight blush
" Hmmm " she says

" Will you join me tonight? " I ask

" Join you where exactly? " she asks

" It's a surprise "' i say

" May I ask what's the occasion " she asks with a smile

I smile " Must there be one? " I ask

She blushes "I suppose not" she says

" So that's a yes? " I ask

" It's more of a since I dont have any plans then I suppose being with you wouldn't be terrible" she says

I smile " I'm flattered, we'll leave half past 5 " I say  getting up


4:50 PM

I stand in my towel rummaging  through my wardrobe, stupid Alexander didn't tell me what I should wear.
I mean really?

I pick out a knee length strapless dress and black strappy heels.

I do my makeup and hair then spray a little of my favorite perfume.

Once im done, I open my door to reveal Alex in his suit. How does this man always look so attractive?! I want to jump his bones just looking at him.

" You look stunning Arabella" he says

I smile " Thank you, you also look very nice " I say
Once we got in the limo, Alex handed me a pair of black pajama shorts and a flowy gray top.

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