Chapter Six

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Damn you, ever-nagging plot bunnies ... I just can't get this one out of my head. I am focusing on one story, but I wanted to get a foundation on this new one. So, here we go ... This will be similar to Buying Love, Friends with Benefits, Mafia Princess and The One That Got Away, with shorter chapters and weekly updates: Sundays with teasers on Thursday.

We're going to switch to Bella's POV next chapter as we hear about Edward's past. We're also going to see some more magic and hear some more about these weird, wonky dreams Edward had. Is Bella having them, too?

Chapter Six


When I woke up that morning, I knew that my life was going to change. Granted, I was reminded of my place by my husband, but his reign of terror was coming to an end. At least for me, it was coming to an end.

The rest of the world? It was only just beginning.

Or was it?

Something was happening. I could feel something churning in my gut and it wasn't the residual cramping from my miscarriage. Though, that was a blessing in disguise. My body had rejected his child, exacerbated by his cruelty and need to use me as his personal punching bag and sperm depository. I should have been sad at the loss of my baby, but knowing that the baby was half of that monster, I took solace in that more evil didn't get born into the world.

There was enough evil in the world. We didn't need any more.

"I'll be home late, Izzy," Jacob said, coming up behind me and slapping my ass harshly.

With a snarl, he dragged me to my room, locking the door. Once the outer door clicked shut, I waited until his car was gone and I used my newly acquired skills, opening the door, melting the inner-workings of the lock. Stuffing my feet into my sneakers, I tugged on a loose hoodie and knocked on Rose's door. She ushered me inside, taking more photos of my injuries and giving me some clean clothes. The clothing I was wearing was disgusting, covered in stains and Jacob's sperm since he only allowed me one set of clothes and he used them as his dishrags. Asshole. "Is the monster working?" Rose asked, her eyes flashing angrily.

"Late," I said, shifting my feet in the too-big shoes. "I don't know if I can do this."

"I heard him last night," she whispered. "You need to get out." She handed me the flash drive. "The password is 'asshole.' Appropriate, right?"

"Totally appropriate," I snorted, putting it into the pocket of my pocket. Rose handed me the bag of my disgusting clothes. "Let's get out of here in case your asshole husband decides to come back." Rose and I went down to her car and we drove to the legal aid office. I wanted to get an attorney to represent me as I began divorce proceedings, ending my short, but painful marriage. I checked in with older, but attractive receptionist and settling down in the seat closest to the door. I wanted to be ready to bolt if things didn't work. However, within a few moments, the fear I was feeling constantly dissipated as this handsome man, Edward, strode into the reception area.

We were introduced and the harsh cold of his hands made my dead heart sputter to life. I looked at him and saw that he had his own story, broken and shattered, just like me. Despite my shame, I told him my story and I was driven to the hospital by Carmen, and I had my entire body catalogued and my bruises photographed. Edward and a young detective came in. I'd never met him, but I knew of him. He was a good guy, great cop.

The opposite of my husband, who was as evil and crooked as they come. But, the young, handsome lawyer made me feel safer than the cop. I knew that he'd fight for me, but together, we'd be unstoppable.

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