❤️A Cole and Madison Valentine's Day❤️

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You might remember this scene from

Cole and Madison's Valentine's Day date:

"TOMORROW IS VALENTINE'S DAY. Let me take you to lunch this afternoon," Cole said on the phone.

"Well, since you and I have different dietary needs, I doubt you're asking me to a restaurant. Am I to assume, Special Agent Parker you're offering yourself as a luncheon item?"

Cole snorted. "In your dreams, Madison."

Yep. "Then what the hell am I supposed to do if we go to lunch. Sit and watch you eat?"

"You could sit in awe of my fascinating conversation and handsome face."

Now I snorted. "This is beginning to feel awkward Parker. We've seen one another almost every day in the last two weeks. I don't want to lead you on. Valentine's Day, honestly?"

"I think you missed the fact I'm asking you to lunch today, not tomorrow. I have a date tomorrow."

My mouth dropped open, and my face fell. Thankfully, Cole couldn't see me. It was quite a revelation. It was fine for me to have a relationship with Benjamin, but for some reason, I didn't want Cole involved with other women. I felt this strange possessiveness towards him. I hadn't realized it until now. It was illogical, but I sure as hell didn't want some little whore putting her filthy hands on him. Whoa.

"What time do you want to meet and where?" I asked.

"That was the fastest surrender yet."

"Protesting doesn't get me anywhere. You're such a pest; I know you won't give up until I agree."

"Does Sens at the Embarcadero work for you at eleven thirty?"

"I think I can make that."

"Good, I'll see you then."

"Bye, Cole," I said and jammed the disconnect button on my cell. I rose from my desk, walked into the bathroom, and splashed water on my face. With my hands planted on the sink, I looked at my reflection in the mirror. What the hell was that? One minute I was telling Cole I thought we were spending too much time together, and the next I was seething with... jealousy? I'd never been jealous when Benjamin dated before we became a couple. So why now?


I opened the large wooden door of Sens at 11:15 a.m. and stepped into the domed brick entrance. Sure enough, Cole was standing at the bar with a glass in hand.

I approached the counter and Cole kissed me on the cheek when I reached his side. "I'll let the hostess know you're here," he said. He raised a quick hand, and a girl came by with menus. She led us to a table with a beautiful view of the waterfront. The restaurant was charming with rough rock walls, rustic wooden beamed ceilings, and bright white tablecloths. We sat down, and Cole placed a small wrapped box beside his plate nonchalantly. I pretended not to notice the elephant on the table. An awkward silence followed.

"So you have a Valentine's Day date." I couldn't believe I'd said that. I wanted to pinch myself.

Cole smiled a big, toothy smile. "Why little Miss V, you're jealous."

"Actually, I am. And it's bugging the shit out of me—the fact that I am jealous. And the idea of you sharing a bed with another woman kills me."

"I think I've made it clear you're welcome in mine," he cocked his head to the side.

A waiter came by to take our drink orders. Cole ordered another soda water, and I asked for the same.

"Yes, you have. And I think I've made it clear it's not going to happen. But for some strange, twisted reason I have this possessive, proprietary feeling about you. I've never been jealous before. And it's annoying me."

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