He Promised Me

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Merle smirked "Who do we have here? Hello, sugar doll"

I yelled "Dad! Daryl! Help!"

He shoved me into a room. A couple of other men stood there. Including Andrea.

Her jaw dropped as she saw me "Kendall?"

I cracked a smile "Andrea"

I looked at Merle.

The man "any signs of them?"

The other man "what exactly is happening out there?"

Merle "some assholes want what we have"

I looked at Andrea "he's lying, Andrea. Don't trust them"

Merle "Let's take this son of a bitches out"

I looked at Merle and growled "You little shit"

Merle smirked at me.

 I looked at Andrea  "They kidnapped G-"

Suddenly i flew to the ground.

Merle had hit me. 

I glared at him and groaned in pain.

Andrea "Merle!"

Merle to the other men "They killed Warren"

I think he was the Governor.

Men "killed?"

Merle "they got him close, stabbed him in his head"

The men who stood next to Andrea "We need patrolls, now. Can't take chances with these terrorists"

I yelled "You kidnapped my people!"

Merle kicked me in the stomach.

I looked at Andrea "the others think you are dead. Some of us made it out off the Farm."

Governor "shut up. You are a liar"

I scoffed "and you not?"

I looked at Merle "You really wanna go against your own brother?"

His jaw dropped shocked.

I stood up. I didn't see my blade on any of them.

Me "He's alive, Merle"

Merle then raised an eyebrow "You and Daryl?"

Gouverneur "don't believe her. They could hold some of us captured or worse"

He looked at me and then to one of them men. 

Suddenly i felt a pang in my side. I fell back. I heard Andrea yell up. 

Merle cracked one of my ribs.

Governor "bring her out"

Two of his men grabbed my sides and lead me out.

They walked back with me to the other room. I felt pain in my side. I saw my sword on the ground. Suddenly i rammed them my elbows in there faces and kicked them into the next room. I gasped from the pain. I took my sword and locked the door were the guys were in.

I heard footsteps. I held my side.

I groaned  "fuck"

I then walked out. There was smoke everywhere.

I yelled  "Dad?!. Daryl?!"

Suddenly i heard gunfire. I looked around. I saw the Governor. He looked at me. Then i saw Merle.

Merle chuckled loud"Come here, sugar doll!"

I raised my eyebrow at him.

I tried to find my way back to the house where that entrance was. I found it.

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