The park

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So when you got to your hotel you squealed so loud people in Japan could hear you.your mind just kept replaying the moment that Jacob kissed you but you got interrupted by your phone and someone texted you
Unknown-hello y/n
-uh who is this
Unknown-it's Jacob
-prove it
Unknown-what do you want me to do face time you
-yeah sure
Jacob face timed you and he said"see I wasn't lying"and you said "yeah you weren't"and Jacob asked you something "hey are you still in New York?"and you replied with "yeah why?"and Jacob replied "because I wanted to know if you wanted to go to the park with me?"and you said "yeah of course what park tho?"Jacob replied with "uh how bout riverside park?" And you said "omg I go there all the time well at least when I'm in New York"and Jacob replied with "you don't live in New York?"and you said "yeah I don't live in New York I live in Connecticut" and Jacob said "oh wow that's not far from here"and you replied with" yeah I know"and Jacob said "so I'll see you there then?"and you replied with "yup I'll be right over"and Jacob said "ok bye"and you said "bye Jacob" and you hung up and soon as you did that you were squealing louder than before and you started to walk to the park but you felt hands go around your waist and you warned the person who's hands were around you waist and you said "let go of me who ever you are" and you heard a familiar voice behind you and the person said "I don't need to you know who I am and all you need to do is to turn around and see who I am" so you turned around and saw Jacob and you said "Omg Jacob don't scare me like that"and Jacob just laughed and after he laughed he said "who did you think it was?"and you replied with "idk who it was It could have been a murder or possibly a rapist"and Jacob replied "well it was me"and you said "no kidding"Jacob said "so let's go to the park"and you said "ok let's go then" and you and Jacob started to walk to the park together and you and Jacob were walking side by side and Jacob decided to hold your hand and so he did and when he held your you looked at him and he smiled at you and you were having so much fun with him.
(3 hours later)
You and Jacob were sitting on the ground looking at the sunset and Jacob asked you something "y/n?" And you said "yes Jacob" and he said "uh do you wanna be my girlfriend?" And when he said that you stayed quiet for a few seconds and then you said "yes I'll be your girlfriend"and Jacob looked at you and then he pulled you close and kissed you and the kiss sent shivers up your spine in awe of him and you realized that you were falling in love with him
Jacobs POV:
Omg I have a girlfriend and she's really beautiful but then I have to tell my fans that I have a girlfriend and I don't know what they are gonna think about her but I don't care what they think about her if I love her I love her and nothing will change that
Your POV:
Omg I just remembered what are his fans gonna think about me?are they gonna hate me?oh now this is just great because if they don't like me I know what's gonna happen and it's not good especially because that I have depression and Jacob doesn't know that uh why me?and Jacob asked "are you worrying about my fans?" And you replied with "yeah kind of and I have to tell you something" and Jacob said"what do you have to tell me?" And you said "well I'm telling you this before something happens but I have depression and I was diagnosed with it about 3 months ago" and Jacob replied with "oh that's so bad and what made you have depression?" And you replied with "I got depressed because of people at my school bullying me"and Jacob replied with "oh that's the same reason I got home schooled"and you said "I know" and Jacob asked you a question "do you wanna go to my show tomorrow?" You said "yea but I don't have tickets"and Jacob said "don't worry you'll be with me so you don't need any tickets"and you said "thanks" and Jacob said "your welcome" and after he said that he kissed your forehead and you and him decides to leave the park and walk home but it started to rain so Jacob took his jacket off and put it over our head and we ran fast back to the hotel and thank god we were in the same hotel because if we weren't Jacob would have to walk in the rain back to his hotel and when you reached your door he kissed you and walked back to his hotel room and then we both texted for awhile and then you went to sleep
(The next day)
You woke up and saw the bright morning sun shining through your curtains and you checked your phone and saw
Jacob-Good Morning Beautiful 😘
-morning 😘
Jacob-so how did you sleep?
-oh I slept well how bout you?
Jacob-not bad but I just had one thing on my mind
-what was on your mind?
Jacob-you were on my mind I couldn't get you out of my mind
-awe your so sweet
Jacob-your probably sweeter 😏
-Jacob I'm 17 and your 18
Jacob-I know but we have to go to my concert in a few
-ok I'll get ready now
Jacob-whatcha wearing?
-I can't tell you it's a surprise
Jacob-hey I'm 18 keep it pg13
-says the one who just wanted to have sex with me
Jacob-I never said that
-you meant it tho
Jacob-ok I did mean that
-exactly so I'll meet you outside of our hotel in a half an hour
-ok see you there
Jacob-ok bye
So after that you got ready you straightened your hair and you wore this

(3 hours later)You and Jacob were sitting on the ground looking at the sunset and Jacob asked you something "y/n?" And you said "yes Jacob" and he said "uh do you wanna be my girlfriend?" And when he said that you stayed quiet for a few seconds an...

(1/2 hour later)
You said "hey Jacob" and Jacob turned around and took a large gulp and said "y..ou look beautiful"and you replied with "thank you so let's go."

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