✯ | chapter sixteen

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BELLAMY, LEILA AND Raven were at the drop-ship long before Clarke and Finn were. As more time passed and the inhabitants of the ship grew more anxious, they began fearing that their friends would not show.

Pacing through the drop-ship anxiously, Leila could tell that her frantic steps were beginning to annoy Bellamy, who was just as on edge as she was.

The sheet of the drop-ship rustling caught Leila's attention and her expression began to morph into a hopeful smile before she realised that it was Raven, causing her small smile to fall back into a frown.

"I checked again. Still no sign of them," Raven reported.

"Where are they?" Bellamy asked rhetorically.

"We shouldn't have split up," Leila whispered.

Bellamy's gripped his gun. "Someone's coming."

The sheet of the drop-ship moved once again and Murphy walked through, throwing his arms out when he realised Bellamy had his gun pointed at him. "Whoa, hey, hey, hey."

"Murphy?" Bellamy questioned, as Raven pushed the point of his gun downwards. "What are you doing here?"

"I believe I was invited," Murphy replied.

"I thought we could use an extra gun," Raven shrugged.

"Might be a good idea," Bellamy agreed, almost reluctantly.

"Finn and Clarke should've been right behind you," Leila realised.

"Don't worry," Murphy deadpanned. "Spacewalker's gonna be fine."

Ten minutes later the sheet of the drop-ship moved again and Finn entered, carrying an unconscious Clarke in his arms. Discarding her gun, Leila was beside him in an instant.

"What happened?" she demanded.

"A Grounder hit her on the head," Finn explained.

"Put her here," Murphy offered, standing up to allow Finn room to lay Clarke down.

"I need a bandage. A rag. Anything," Leila ordered.

"Got it," Murphy nodded, disappearing from Leila's side and returning a few seconds later. "Here."

"Hold her head," Leila demanded of Bellamy, as she took the rag from Murphy.

"Clarke, can you hear me?" Murphy asked.

"Come on, Clarkey, I need you to be okay," Leila whispered. "Clarke."

Clarke groaned faintly and her eyes opened, forcing a sigh of relief to slip past Leila's lips. Bellamy knelt beside his girlfriend as he looked down at the injured blonde.

"You're gonna be fine," he said reassuringly. "You just need to rest."

With Clarke out of the woods and on the road to recovery, Leila turned to Bellamy and wrapped her arms around him, tears filling her eyes. She wouldn't allow them to spill, so she kept the water sagely trapped behind her eyelids.

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