A Proposal

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A loud thunderous boom rang out followed by several flashes that illuminated the room brightly for a few quick moments...revealing a (H/C) haired girl clutching onto a red head desperately. Terrified mumbles escaped her lips as fresh tears poured down her face. The male held her in return, occasionally making his grip tighter when sudden booms shook the house. The wind howled eerily outside, sending a few shivers down the girl's spine while the trees swayed violently.

Over the years, (Y/N)'s panicked wails turned into soft sniffles. She would still shed tears but her body would no longer tremble as much as it did the first few years Gaara was with her. It didn't fully satisfy Gaara since she was still scared but it was a significant change.



"Y-you....you're still here r-right?"

"Yes, I'm not going anywhere if that's what you're thinking."

"N-no....it's not that. It's just that....it's so dark.....and I can't see you so it feels like I'm just holding onto a p-pillow. It's scary...like if you're just a figment of my imagination I thought up to provide myself with comfort..."

Gaara squeezed her softly and mumbled, "Then just listen to my voice. That should be enough proof, shouldn't it?"

(Y/N) stayed quiet as her heart skipped a beat at the amount of relief that washed over her with those words.

"Thank you..."

Gaara hummed in response and brought her even closer to himself. (Y/N) smiled faintly against the boy, embracing his endearing warmth.

The warmth that became so familiar to her.

The warmth that proved to be there for her on every night that resembled the same one the two were currently enduring.

The warmth that provided her with hugs every time she opened her arms.

...the warmth she always wanted to feel by her side.

"...yeah...thank you..." she repeated once more, her smile widening as she began to relax and sink into his chest.

"....your welcome," he muttered, blood rushing to his face, blush forming on his cheeks in the dark.

The two sat patiently together in each other's arms while they waited for the storm to pass, just as they always had. The purplish flashes that were occurring nonstop earlier eventually died completely, along with the booms that had followed after them. The only thing that continued to stay was the patter of hard raindrops that hit the windows. But while the rain showed no sign of slowing down, (Y/N)'s breathing did. Gaara knew immediately that she had fallen asleep, just as she usually did on nights like this.

Every time she fell asleep in his arms, he refused to move an inch or to tell her to lie down properly. It was a sort of selfish kind consideration of his. He didn't want to wake her and he also absolutely loved feeling her heavy breathes against himself as well as the weight of her body. It was something the red head was thankful for and even though it was a bit self-centered, he couldn't help but be excited every time the first clap of thunder was heard.

His thoughts shifted and he suddenly concentrated on moving his arm cautiously towards hers. He took his time and unwrapped one arm off of her and moved his hand toward's the sleeping girl's own. Gaara slowly grabbed it and entangled his fingers with hers, a soft sigh of comfort leaving his satisfied lips.

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