The Luke & Leia Moment Part 3

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Jeff sits on the couch in the hotel & convention center lobby with his head buried in his hands. Katie is on her cell phone a few feet away.

"You're sure about that? Okay. Yes mom, we'll talk all about it soon." Katie disconnects the call and makes her way over to him. "So my Mom says hi."

"Oh God, what have we done?"

"Relax, we didn't do anything. You're not my father."

Jeff's head snaps up. "I'm not?"

"No. Turns out my long lost father is her old high school drama teacher.

"She slept with Mr. Cullen?!?"

Katie punches him in the arm. "Hello!?! You slept with my mom!"

"You're not my daughter," Jeff says as if to reassure himself that his nightmare is over.

"No. Apparently I am the daughter of the only straight high school drama teacher."

"So it's not weird, right?"

"No. It's not weird."


Niko is standing by himself at the reception hall entrance beside the table with the guest book when he feels two hands squeeze his shoulders from behind. He turns around to see Hilary who has a certain look in her eye.

"You have a room here tonight?" she asks.


"Then it's a good thing I got one for us. Room 1248 at 2:00 am sharp. Think you can remember that?"

"You better write it down."

Hilary grabs the pen from the guest book and then looks for something to write on. She sees a piece of a cocktail napkin peeking out of the front pocket of Niko's suit jacket. She pulls it out and is about to write when she starts reading. It takes Niko a second to realize what is written on the paper. He starts shaking his head and waving his hands frantically "No. No. No. Wait!"

But it is too late. Hilary is horrified as she reads out loud. "Five hundred dollars if Niko takes home a member of the bridal party?!? What is it with you people? You're all sick!" She slaps him across the face and storms off.


Louie wakes up alone in Cathy's bed. He smiles from ear to ear. Totally buck naked, Louie gets up and heads over to the chair in the corner of the room to grab his clothes. They aren't there. Louie frantically looks around the room for them. He looks under the bed, in the closet, behind the night stand. No luck.

"Why would she take my..." He stops. A light has gone on in his head. 'Of course, this was her plan all along. This is her payback. I ditched her at the Spring formal and now she's going to make me leave here naked and humiliated. Oh this was good. She must have been planning this for a long time. Everything just fell into place for her and I walked willingly into her trap.'

Louie paces around Cathy's hotel suite bedroom "Shit! Damnit! Shit." Louie stops. He looks over at her fancy dress which is slung over a chair. A sudden calm comes over him as he smiles a disturbing smile. "Yeah well, two can play the payback's-a-bitch game!" He grabs her dress, stuffs it in her metal garbage can and takes a lighter and lights it on fire.


Niko stands outside the hotel waiting for the valet. Seeing that he is not hidden away somewhere with the bride, Ashley is overcome with joy. She sidles up beside Niko.

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