This aint right

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A nigga ain't get no sleep once so ever last night

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A nigga ain't get no sleep once so ever last night. I rode around the city for a while with my piece right on my lap and my trigger finger itching. I went to go check around the block and see what was up and if anybody knew some shit, but niggas was saying they ain't know nothing. That shit made me even more mad because how nobody know nothing?It was safe to say I was ready and willing to put a bullet in any and everybody for my bro I didn't give a fuck. Shits mad fucked up if you asked me. I can't believe that my nigga got shot and the fact that I know it was over nothing just makes my blood boil more.

Jay been my nigga since forever. We grew up together and all that good shit He was like my brother nah fuck that he is my brother blood don't make you related loyalty does and Jay is one loyal motha fucka. I respected him so much because when I went away he was there for both Asia and Brooklyn. He made sure they was straight while I was away even though I still made sure they was token care of on my end. Somethings I wasn't able to do locked up though and that's where Jay came in at.

I couldn't imagine sitting outside in the waiting room because my nigga been shot all I know is this doctor better tell me some good news or else. Whether he lives or dies I'm gone cause hell regardless, but of course I prefer him to be here with me. We still young and got so much shit to do especially Jay. My nigga don't have no kids or girl to leave with something all he got is us his boys that's why I'm taking this so hard. We are Jay's family. God gotta come through for a nigga cause this ain't right at all. I realize life tends to be unfair often, but Jay doesn't deserve this he's strong and I believe he gone pull through shit he got to.

Going into the game you expect shit like this niggas get shot some live to tell the story and others don't. They just leave behind they legacy if they was about shit. Trust me if you on yo shit people gone remember you regardless, but that's the thing it's too early for a nigga to be dying and shit. We done did some shit in these streets, but we could be doing so much more. Like I said before this shit come with the game so I don't really regret being in streets. You just charge it to the game and keep on pushing. How you choose to deal with it is on you, but me on the other hand I know for a fact I'm going after bodies for my nigga period.

''Yo what they say B?''T said sitting next to me. I broke my phone and shit so I couldn't talk to him, but he knew where to find me. He was bugging and shit when he called me and told me Jay got shot so I know he hurt inside too. We gone stay strong though regardless of what happens though. That's our brother in there.

I shook my head.'' They ain't saying nothing yet T I been sitting here for like 20 minutes straight and shit. Man what the fuck even happened?'' I said getting out my seat just talking about it got me hot as hell. I was ready to fuck somebody up right now. My thoughts was all over the place and I was trynna be strong for Jay, but damn this shit is fucked up.

''Calm down bro I know this shit tough. I got a call from one of the little niggas from the block and apparently Jay was at the trap to collect and they say that's the last they seen of him. Drew he was found in the alley shot with nothing. They robbed him and shot him like it was nothing. He fought back, but it was a couple niggas it had to be cause you know Jay can hold his own. I got word after the fact. Streets was talking.'' T said and the more he talked about this shit the more I felt fucked up inside. Hearing this shit really started getting to fuck with my mental. My nigga was lying alone in a fucking alley bleeding to death. That shit ain't right it ain't right at all. This shit was I can't think straight and I don't know I just don't know. I'm just hoping for the best I really am. All I could think is I know I don't pray as often as I should or go to church, but I need God to pull through for not just me, but for Jay. He needs it he needs us.

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