✯ | chapter fifteen

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STANDING AT THE gates, Leila held a gun in her hands. Bellamy had forced her to take it so that she would at least be able to protect herself in long-range combat, though she protested heavily as her swords were still strapped to her back.

When they heard the approaching horses' hooves, they both raised their guns and cocked them, readying themselves to shoot should the need arise. When Leila's eyes locked on Clarke, her gun was lowered instantly.

"Hold your fire!" she yelled at the surrounding soldiers. "She's back! Open the gate!"

"Power up the gates!" Byrne called. "Cue roll-out positions. Stay ready."

Finn ran up to Clarke as she walked through the gate. "You okay?"

"Shut the gate," Clarke demanded. When the gates were closed, she dragged Finn away, gripping his arm. "You can't be out here."

Bellamy and Leila followed Clarke and Finn towards Abby, who embraced Clarke after seeing that her daughter was okay.

"What did she say?" Abby asked, disengaging herself from Clarke. "Is there a chance for a truce?"

"Yes," Clarke replied, though her expression remained less than pleased.

"What's wrong?" Finn asked.

Clarke turned to Finn slowly. "They want you. If we want a truce, we have to give them Finn."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Raven asked.

"That's their offer," Clarke said quietly.

"That's not an offer," Raven snapped.

"It's punishment," Finn replied. "For what happened at the village. Blood for blood."

"That's insane," Bellamy commented.

"If we refuse?" Abby questioned.

"They attack," Clarke answered.

"I say we give him up!" yelled a man from the crowd. "Get rid of him!"

Another man stepped forwards. "Give him to the Grounders."

Raven shoved the man. "Back off!"

The man made for Raven so Bellamy stepped in, holding him back as Leila pulled Raven away from the man. "Raven. Raven. Raven, hey, listen to me! Nothing is gonna happen to him. I promise, okay?"

"I'm not dying for him!" snapped an older man. "Spacewalker burned three months of oxygen from the Ark. He should've floated a long time ago. Throw him out!"

Raven's anger got the better of her and she lunged at the man. "Hey! Back. Off."

"Stop, Reyes!" Byrne shouted.

Raven swung around and punched the blonde woman in the face, knocking her to the floor. Raven was instantly restrained and dragged away despite her protestation. All around them, they had people calling for Finn's death, while he just stood there with an expression on his face that said he agreed with them.

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