chapter 6

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I hear josh loud foot Steps. Oh. Shoot I'm. Suppose to be. Getting more rest I fake sleep. I hear. Josh open the door. I smell pancakes and bacon !! Mmmm that breakfast smells good

" breakfast. Is here"

I open my eyes slowly and pretend to yawn like I've been getting my rest

"Mmm pancakes and bacon. With jelly!!!"

"Haha so I take it u still like bacon with jelly still"
I. Eat my first pancake. And my first bacon with jelly mmm
I finally get to my last pancake and my last. Slice of bacon. That was good !"

" get ready "

"Were we going "

He disappears

But..h...W..Were did he go...?

I. Look on my bed and there is a black. Dress
My eyes widen at the shock how beautiful. It was. I run to the Bathroom and put it on. I come back. And theres high heels to omg!!!!! So. So!! Beautiful. !!! I slip the high heels on. I fix my hair up a little. And. Sit on my bed

" do u love. Them"

I. Take off my high heels. And run up to him and hug him.

"Yesss. The dress and high heels. Are. Perfect !!!"
"Good ik you would like them"

I put my high heels back on. And. He. Holds My hand
And we walk out. My face turns red at the thought he. Is holding my hand
W..wait. Am I starting. To have feelings for him and I really falling in love with him

I can't fall in love with a demon b..but he's. So handsome. And perfect

He. Smiles " well thank u"

I. Forgot he can read my thoughts. Dang it


Suddly. A. Big house apears. We both walk inside. Omg I... I was shocked. I had no words it was just amazing

"Amazing right"


I see. 4 dudes. On. A couch. I wonder who they are

"Luke. Ryan Evan. Jacob. This is Tina"

I. Slowly said "h..hi"

"She's BEAUTIFUL " luke said

"Yes ik she is " josh said

My face turns red. He said I'm beautiful

" won't u come sit with us " Jacob. Said

I sit at the end of the couch

" we won't bite. No need to be shy" Ryan said

I sit next to josh who is sitting by Ryan

" so hey .." I finally said

" why so shy" Ryan said

Ryan. Staires at me. And. Lets out a smile like hey ur. Gonna be mine smile

I get cold chills. Down my spine

"What's. Wrong beautiful " josh says

"Huh oh nothing. Hey. Can. I get some rest. I'm a little tired "

Josh carries me to a. Beautiful room

"If u need anything I'll be down staires. Get some rest beautiful "

I slowly. Let sleep overtake me and I finally. Went to sleep

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