66. Valentine's Day

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"I'd never lived before your love, I'd never felt before your touch, and I never needed anyone to make me feel alive, but then again, I wasn't really living."
~Before Your Love
~Kelly Clarkson

Nandini: Manik where are we going?

I asked irritatedly this time because currently I'm blindfolded and my husband is driving to a place which is unknown to me.

Manik: Jaan,I told you right, that it's a surprise, then why are you asking again and again? Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Nandini: Manik Malhotra, for your very kind information, I'm blindfolded and that means I can't see anything so how do I enjoy?

I asked and waited for his reply. I mean how could he possibly expect me to enjoy without seeing anything. In the morning too, he woke me up, told me to get ready because we are leaving for some work of his and when I got ready, he blindfolded me, escorted me to his car and started driving to somewhere, known as surprise. I mean, I haven't seen him since the time I woke up, how can he expect me to be in a good mood? It's valentine's day for god's sake and he hasn't even kissed me properly.

Suddenly I felt his hot breath on my neck which indicated that he was close to me and as an impulse, my heartbeats quickened along with my raging breath.

Manik: I know you're cursing me for not kissing you but trust me I'll make up for your every complaint because it's just you and me today with no interruption.

He whispered slowly and gently, measuring every word that he spoke, putting my heart on fire. After that I sat quietly accepting my defeat. I heard him speak again.

Manik: For now, you can enjoy the wind, the song and..and most importantly your husband's hotness.

I smiled at his mischievousness and sat back, as he said enjoying the early morning breeze. I always had this likeness and love for nature. It'll be Mukti's due date next month. I don't know what we have in store for us but all I know is that I can't lose her in front of my eyes. I just can't... It'll be like all my hardwork would be in vain if I couldn't save her. All of a sudden I heard him speaking again.

Manik: Don't worry princess, usse kuch nahi hoga.

I smiled at how well he knew me. I searched for his arm and then kept my head on his shoulder, trying to find my peace in him. Finally the car stopped at some place and I shifted back to my seat. I heard him opening the door of my side and I came out of the car holding his hand. We walked forward, hand in hand and finally stopped at one place. I felt him walking to my back and then back hugging me.

Manik: Nandini, I wanted to gift you something which we both would cherish forever. So don't overreact, OK?

I chuckled at his rants and nodded my head in agreement. He opened my blindfold and I blinked my eyes twice to adjust to the brightness. I opened my eyes to find ourselves standing in front of a huge mansion which was beautiful, open, airy and spacious. It was away from the city and was surrounded with greenery and lush all around. I was gaping at the mansion with awe when Manik broke my trance.

Manik: How is it Jaan?

Nandini: It's beautiful and elegant Manik. Just the way I like.

Manik: Perfect! I was sure you'd like it. Let's go.

Nandini: Let's go where?

He looked at me confusedly and replied in a duh tone as a matter of fact.

Manik: Of course inside.

Nandini: Inside?

Manik: Yes because it's our home, so we should go inside, isn't it? Are you not excited to see the interiors?

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