✯ | chapter fourteen

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USING WHAT LITTLE supplies they had in the drop-ship, Leila, Clarke, Bellamy and Octavia managed to tie Lincoln down once again. They used a netting to secure him to the floor and tied his wrists and ankle down to prevent him from moving, making sure their knots were tighter this time.

Clarke was examining his leg, where a steady flow of blood was still oozing out. "We have to stop the bleeding and get the bullet out. Hold his leg down."

Lincoln began to groan and Octavia was beside him in an instant, gently tipping water into his mouth. Lincoln spit it out with another growl and Octavia shrieked as the water went everywhere.

Glaring down at Lincoln, she composed herself. "I'll get some more."

Octavia made to leave but Bellamy stopped her, standing up and blocking her path. "O. Once the drug is out of his system, he'll be okay."

"You can't protect me from this one, big brother," Octavia replied.

As the raven haired girl descended the ladder, Leila and Bellamy held Lincoln's leg down as Clarke made an attempt to retrieve the bullet that was currently lodge in his calf. When she had successfully removed the bullet, she bandaged his leg with expert hands and then tied his leg down once more.

"Your mom would be proud," Bellamy complimented.

"My mom would know how to save him," Clarke replied.

Moving away from Lincoln slightly, Clarke and Leila turned as Octavia ascended the ladder, someone else following her. Quicker than anybody could register, Bellamy was aiming his gun at the man Octavia had brought with her, Leila reaching for her sword unsurely.

"Bellamy, don't!" Octavia exclaimed, jumping in front of the man. "He's Lincoln's friend and their healer."

Lincoln began to convulse on the ground beside Clare and Leila, white froth coming from his mouth with every splutter. Clarke knelt forwards. "He's seizing again."

The Grounder healer reached for a pouch of medicinal vials, picking out one as Octavia knelt beside Lincoln, who was still seizing on the ground, shaking his restraints rather violently.

"What is that?" Leila asked.

The Grounder said something in Trigedasleng – the Grounder language – that loosely translated to 'your fight is over'. Leila, who had been learning the Grounder tongue from Octavia, realised that what he had said was actually their phrase that was repeated before death, and watched a drop of the liquid form on the edge of the bottle.

Before the drop could fall into Lincoln's mouth, however, her hand shot out and caught it. "Wait!"

The Grounder unsheathed his knife and Bellamy raised his gun, standing protectively behind Leila. "Back off. Right now!"

"Yu gonplei ste odon," Leila repeated. "It's what they say before death. He's not trying to heal him. He's trying to kill him."

"Nyko," Octavia asked through gritted teeth. "Is it true?"

"Yes," Nyko replied quietly. "Death is the only way."

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