Chapter 1

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"Hey, look," someone whispered. "Is she really back? After all that?"

"She was in prison or something, right?" another voice asked.

"No, you idiot," a third person spoke. "She was in a rehab clinic."

"Oh, yeah. I heard she almost OD in new year's eve."

Despite whispering, the girl heard them all. I'm surprised they bother to whisper, Eliza thought as she walked to the last row, her head down to avoid looking anyone. When she sat on the chair next to the window, she rested her head on her arms, her eyes close.

It's been a week since I was released, Eliza thought. I thought you guys would've exhausted the topic by now. The first class hadn't begun and she was already tired. The girl had a strong impression many students were staring her. But when she opened her eyes and looked around the classroom, there was no one looking at her.

Eliza closed her eyes again and moved her arm to cover her face. Taking a deep breath, the girl relaxed and opened her eyes again. After a few seconds staring her arm, the skin became transparent. A second later, the muscles, veins, blood and bone were gone as well, and Eliza confirmed the students were looking at her.

Holding the urge to sneer, she blinked and her sight was back to normal. Her eyes started prickling and Eliza closed her them to soothe it a bit. Shouldn't you be tired of me? I know it's the first day I'm back and all, but I'm not that interesting, she thought, sighing. If you wanna gossip that much, why don't you choose someone with a fascinating life?

Eliza heard the door and moved her arm a bit to look. Someone like her. Her life's cooler. One of her classmates was walking to her desk at the moment. The girl flipped her long brown hair with a hand as she sat. It wasn't even a second before two of her friends sat next to her and they started talking.

Yeah, you should talk about her. Trust me, she has a much more interesting life than me. Eliza observed through the corner of her eye. Her friends giggled, played with their hairs, and redid their makeups.

I know it looks like she can't hold a conversation if it involved something other than that kind of crap if her life dependent on it, but it's all a façade. If they had any idea you're working a part-time job to study abroad while taking care of the house since your mother left you and your two brothers.

The door opened again and Eliza sneaked a peek. He's a good topic too. Did you guys know that he's trying to become an artist and for that, he's looking for new experiences to deepen his work? He even kissed a guy after taking some drug, though I'm not sure how it worked out with the guy, she thought, remembering how she closed her eyes after they started undressing each other. I'm not into that.

That girl's interesting too. She goes to the cemetery and tries to call the dead. Perhaps she's just crazy, but loads more interesting than the plain old me. Or maybe that guy, whose dick's so small he used steroids like crazy and worked compensate. Now that I think about it, he still hasn't talked to a girl... Maybe that's just funny, but I'm pretty sure it's more interesting than me. Or maybe... not her. I doubt she has an interesting life...

Eliza averted her eyes when her gaze fell on Bianca. Yeah... I guess her perfect life that looks like TV would be boring topic to gossip, she thought, her mind going to everything she heard about the girl. Does even something remotely interesting happens in her life?

Bianca, whose porcelain skin and smooth long red hair made Eliza sometimes doubt that the girl was Brazilian, had nothing interesting that could get the school's gossipers fired up. Actually, it's boring to me, Eliza realized when she remembered her own mother talking about her classmate. Between Bianca's father, the chief of police, and mother, a respectful business woman owner of one of the biggest fashion store in the metropolitan region, the girl hardly had any trouble in her life, but people still looked up to her. I bet the only trouble going on in her life is what to wear.

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