He begins a confident stride over to us, with a smirk upon his beautiful sculpted face. God damnit I could suck on his lips all day, red and thick with a Cupid's bow.

This man was blessed, the only problem is that he's in prison, which probably means I shouldn't be lusting after him. I'm not a bad person, and I will not associate myself with people like him.

I should be focusing on getting out of here, because if I don't, I have a feeling that I'll be raped. My eyes flicker over to Stallion, who winks at me.

Alright make that raped more than once.

"Kitten, say hello to your new cell mate Evan." The prison guard says shakily, his hand coming around to push me quickly in front of him.

"Hey!" I yell and he just glares before looking up and over my shoulder. "Why does he gets the pretty boy to be his cell mate. He doesn't even like having a cell mate!" Stallion yells and Kitten tilts his head in his direction making him shut up quick.

"Kitten." He raises a dark eyebrow, and I point my chained hands at his tall form. "They call you kitten, why?" He smiles showing off straight and white teeth, his grey blue eyes twinkling from the fluorescent lights overhead.

People around us gasp and I look at them with a confused face. Did I just ask the wrong question? Am I going to die now? Maybe, but it's not like it wouldn't happen, right?

"I'd usually show you why people call me kitten, but I guess I can't do that." He drawls his accent coming through, sounding almost like a northern city type.

"Wouldn't want to mess up such a. . .pretty face, but I can show you why soon or later. For now, you'll come with me. Let's go."

He order and turns hisself to face the prison guard. "Stacy you're not needed anymore, and touch him again. . ." He leans over to whisper the rest of his sentence in his ear making him pale.

"Mhm, yes sir." The prison guard says quickly, his body flinching when Kitten grabs his shoulder.

"Understood? I'd hate to have to make my promise come true Stacy." He sighs, his voice dropping two octaves.

"Yes sir, I understand completely. It won't happen again." He rushes out, turning to rush away quickly. "Stacy!" Kitten calls his hand coming up to touch my face softly, making me flinch just the slightest.

"Yes?" He squeaks and I turn to look at him, but my face involuntarily gets turned back around to face the tall handsome man. "His cuffs, keys." He holds his hand out and a pair of keys are dropped into his palm.

"You can go now." The sound of the door is heard and I'm lost for words.

Did he just really give my hand cuff keys to another inmate.

"Son of a bitch." Kitten frowns, his brows bowing down into the cease of his forehead. "Don't cuss, let's go." I stand still and watch as his back retreats away from me.

"Evan, you're suppose to be walking." My eyes widen and I begin to follow behind him, sticking to the path farthest away from the cells on each side of me.

"Where are we going?" I ask, my hands beginning to tremble being that I'm starting to get over the shock of what just happened.

"To the cafeteria, we'll talk over a snack." He says calmly making me stare at him with wide eyes. "Should we be like I don't know locked up in cells?" He laughs a deep short laugh that's over before it can begin.

"No, if you're with me you're free to do what ever you'd want, so if I were you." He stops to turn and look at me, his face coming to stop inches away from mine. His minty breath blowing against lips.

"I'd stay close to me, and I'd definitely do what ever I say. For some reason I don't think you belong in here."

He smirks and turns away again, taking my sanity with him, because I swear I think I just came inside of my new jumper.

{chapter two hope you guys enjoyed. Always a pleasure of writing this story. Not really sure where's it's gonna go and what will be the outcome, but I'm love kitten already! Who doesn't like a man that's takes charge! Kisses and love my lil papas.}

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