4.Unbelievable Surprises!

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Indira (Riya) P.O.V

I reached Venice after hiring a cab... I said mom I will arrive tomorrow so I'll give her a surprise Visit..
Finally I'm standing in front of the 2 storey Building.. A medium sized one... It's Unbelievable.. because Olivia mom is a sole heir to the million dollars property yet she is living in a normal house... Something fishy.. I love this house.. yet I feel something off.. As usual the door key is lying beneath the door mat.. Martin already informed everything about the house.. But I think he forgot to mention the size of it...
It's kind of Surprise.. A small Varenda for Parking Vehicles.. and all four sides are Perfect Garden..
I entered inside and saw a perfect interior.. A medium size living hall consists of two cube shaped Sofas.. LED wall Television, And other things... Then to my left a bedroom, It smells like mom I'm sure it's mom's room seeing the things... A wardrobe , Dressing table, one mini attached shelf , a medium sized bed, and a door connecting to attached bathroom... I don't forget to notice our family pictures in Night stand.. I'm with my parents in the first pic and second is myself , Martin and Olivia...

Then again I started roaming.. After a good 10 mins I'm totally done with my searching... The entire house consists of One medium size living hall,One Bed room, one guest room, A laundry room , And a mini library, a little big Kitchen are in first floor, and in backyard a small garden with flowers... I took my bag to upstairs.. I found two bedrooms and two guests rooms and one store room and a mini hall.
I know one room belongs to Martin and I entered my room.. It's just my taste.. Painted with royal blue and I have a large wardrobe contains my all dress and Kurtis, Dressing table, A queen size bed with night stand , the bed is surrounded by a net and starts and butterflies are hanging in that, A small study table and some of my favorite books in glass cupboard , And in wall I saw the starts that illuminates in night , A small Balconey to see the back garden and finally a huge attached bathroom with toilet...A medium sized bath tub... I totally in love with my room..

But I suddenly got a big question.. why my room is big and I'm having every comforts unlike mom Martin.. I know I'm their Princess but I do feel like something is off..

But my thoughts are cut off my sudden sound of door opening.. I see a small kid maybe a 2 years old is crawling on the floor and in comes an Old woman maybe early 50's ... she saw me and immediately comes and hugs me.. I stood there without doing anything.. she notice Me.

" I'm sorry.. I forgot to introduce myself.. I'm Amy , house maid and Martin showed me your pictures and he is Rohan.. " She said pointing the baby.

"Rohan?.. Sounds like Indian and his name too! " I wondered out loud..

"Yes... He is.. He lost his mom and dad in an accident, They are Indian representatives of business partners of Olivia.. No one is there to claim him... it seems his father is Orphan and his mother recently lost her mother and her father dumped her and married another woman. After that he is staying here for more than a year.. Martin only kept the name Rohan because your first crush name is Rohan, sorry he said... " She explained..

I knew that idiot already said some surprise bomb is there for me for leaving him alone there... I will take care of him later..

"How old he is?"

" He is one year and half years old.. His birthday is on 2nd of May"..

"OKAY.. mam I'll cook for you.. Olivia mam will come back in the evening . .. I thought you will be coming tomorrow so we planned a mini surprise party"

"No.. don't say mom I'm here.. I want to surprise her.. And I'll cook the dinner.. You prepare lunch.. i'm going to sleep.. I so tired.. And don't worry I'll take care of him and Call me Riya .."

I said picking him and he saw me the first time he came.. He was interestingly playing with floor mats.. But when I pick him ,I hear my A VERY BIG SURPRISE..

He said "Mamma". ..

OMG.. He called me mom by seeing me with his cute big eyes and in love the feeling of it..

"Martin showed your pic to him daily and made him call you mamma " Amy responded and I smiled..

Now i got to know the Surprise.. He said.. And I'm totally loving it.. Amy took his Thinks to the play room but i asked her to leave him with me.. So she placed the things in my room..

"Chalo. . Let's get back to my room and mamma will sleep with you baby" I said pinching his bubbly cheeks lightly.. he started laughing.... Oh God I really love him.. A lot!

'Thanks Martu.. for the special surprise' i immediately send him a text through WhatsApp. .

'You are welcome Baby' He replied immediately..

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