✯ | chapter twelve

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REMOVING THEIR FLASHLIGHTS from their packs wasn't difficult despite the darkness, so once they had acquired the light source they were able to see somewhat clearly. They walked through the bunker-like building, shining their flashlights around.

Everything was old; hundreds of years old, it seemed. A fine, three-inch-thick layer of dust covered every surface, and no footprints or disturbances showed that the place had been untouched for years.

As they walked into a bigger room, Leila's eyes widened in shock. They seemed to be in some sort of garage, as there were multiple vehicles parked in the expansive room.

"Where are we?" Scott asked.

"Looks like a garage," Bellamy replied, vouch the thoughts swirling around in Leila's head.

A noise echoed through the empty building, prompting Leila and Octavia to grab their blades, unsheathing them within a few seconds. Leila swapped the torch to her left hand, preferring to use her right when it came to combat.

"More like a tomb," Octavia replied.

Bellamy looked at Leila, who was watching him intently, before he turned to Scott. "Look, I'm sorry about your man, but we need to find an access door to Mount Weather."

"Hey, not so fast," Scott called.

"Sir, that fog could keep us pinned down for another–" Bellamy started argumentatively, cutting off when Scott presented him with a handgun. He handed another one to Bellamy, perhaps for spares, Leila didn't know.

"We'll split up," he suggested. "Be back here in fifteen," Bellamy took the gun and Scott looked at the three delinquents. "Be safe."

"Let's go," Bellamy whispered, as he, Leila and Octavia set off through the garage.


As the trio walked through the bunker, they spread out evenly, Bellamy remaining in between the two girls as they walked on either side of him, blades out. They reached a doorway when suddenly they heard screams of pain.

Without a word shared between them, the three of them took off through the bunker towards the sound of distress. As they neared the apparent site of the screams, they heard Christmas music playing. Blade held out in front of her, Leila cocked an eyebrow at the sound.

"Scott?" Bellamy called, crouching low to the ground. "You there?"

"Let's go," Leila whispered, keeping low as she and Octavia crept over to where an automatic rifle lay on the ground.

"Bell, what's that?" Octavia asked quietly, as Bellamy picked up the gun.

Leila followed her gaze and saw the shadows across from the moving. Bellamy aimed the rifle at the moving darkness and the light of his flashlight fell on two forms, another third body lying between them as they feasted on his flesh.

"Reapers," Leila whispered.

As the two Reapers caught sight of them and charged, Bellamy took them out with his gun, the sound of gunfire reverberating through the garage. The Reapers kept coming until Bellamy finally shot them down.

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