Chapter 13

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Diamond P.O.V

I opened the door just in time to see Ashley basically threw herself at Jayden. While I was in shock my wolf took over. She was beyond pissed. I just sat back and watched. Ashley face was priceless when my wolf grabbed her when she tried to throw herself at Jayden again. After she told her to leave my wolf looked at Jayden.

And once she looked into his eyes. She let her emotion surfaced. She was mad at Ashley and Jayden. When he reached for her she didn't want to be touched. She moved away and walked the other way her. She was so angry that it became into tears so she lowered her head while she walked. When she felt his hand on her wrist she she was going to snap but his wolf started talking to her whole Jayden tried talking to me.

' Love, please look at me' His wolf said a soft voice. ' Why should I ?'

' Why are you mad love'.

Everytime he would say love my wolf would shiver. But she didn't let it get to her . I took over my body while my wolf and his wolf talk but I still didn't turn around. ' Why shouldn't I be mad, wouldn't you be mad if a male would of crashed their lips on to mine' She said. She was getting mad but kept her voice soft. Jayden's wolf growled at the thought. After that she blocked me so I couldn't hear the rest of there conversation.

" Dia look at me " Jayden said I wanted to snatch my arm away but my wolf came back and told me not to. ' Diamond stay put let them think we have forgiven him, once he let go we will have a little talk with Tom ' My wolf said. ' Umm Ok' I said.

" Baby " I heard him begg. I sighed and looked up. He smiled but it soon disappeared when he saw my face. He pulled me into a hug.

" Please, don't cry" He said.

" Why were you in there with her. I asked.

" I wasn't she followed me."

I just pushed him away and told him to shower.

Now to start my plan I smirked while walking towards the living room.

" Oh Tom" I said while entering the room.

" Damn, I just got here and you already need me to help you with trouble" Tom sighs with amusement.

I smirked. I told everyone the plan so they don't suspect anything and knew Tom is gay.

Jayden came downstairs and everyone was ready for the beach. Jayden wrapped his arms around my waist and started dragging me towards his car.

" Jayden stop I'm going with Tom " I told him

He stopped and growled. " No you are coming with me".

"But Babe..." I turned around and rubbed my hand down his chest. " I wanna go with Tom" I said while looking up through my eyelashes. His gaze soften and a hint of lust took over.

" Ummm....." He started but I caught him off. " Please Jayden" He groaned when I said his name. " Fine" He said with a sigh.

I smiled and gave him a kiss in the cheek. And walked towards Tom and hooked arms with him. Gem and Crystal was in the car with us and the guys were with Jayden. Once we reached the beach me and the girls took off our dresses and ran to the water.

Tom soon came in and sent me a wink. I nodded. Next thing I know Tom was holding me in the air. I was screaming and laughing. I heard a growl. But before I could look up I was thrown into the water.