✯ | chapter eleven

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SHOCKED AT WHAT Finn had done, Leila could barely look him in the eye. He had made their predicament worse, and now they had no way of making it up to the Grounders. With heavy hearts, the team headed home, accepting the punishment that came with escaping without question.

Sitting at a table with Bellamy and Clarke, Leila's hand found Bellamy's under the table and held fast as Bellamy looked at Clarke. "Okay, so tell me again."

"It's a labyrinth," Clarke explained. "We got to the dam through this tunnel," she gestured to the map in front of her. "It's all connected to the mine system. That's our way in."

"Sure," Bellamy nodded. "If we can get past the Reapers and the Mountain Men. I swear to God, if your mom doesn't sanction a mission soon, I'm going by myself."

"You won't be by yourself," Leila assured him.

Finn exited the Ark, catching the trio's attention. Bellamy looked at him with a sad look. "Guess the inquisition's over. How's Finn doing, anyway?"

"I haven't talked to him since we got back," Clarke said. "I don't know what to say," a glazed look passed over Clarke's face as she went back in time, reliving the memory. "He just kept shooting."

"We're at war, Clarke," Bellamy replied. "We've all done things."

Finn approached them. "Hey."

"Hey," Bellamy replied stiffly. When nobody said anything, Bellamy got to his feet. "Next round's on me."

"Sorry, Clarke," Leila muttered, standing and kissing Clarke's cheek. "Not happening. Good luck."

With that said, she followed after Bellamy, catching up to him and taking his hand. He smiled down at her. "I bet that's gonna be awkward."

"Damn right," Leila chuckled.


Clarke found Leila later that night, sitting with Bellamy at the table that they had previously occupied. When she told the two of them her plan to head back to Mount Weather, they were in before she could finish her sentence. It was too quiet for them to be sitting around, and their legs yearned to be outside in the woods again.

So, the morning after Clarke's proposition, Bellamy and Leila joined a small group departing the camp, the latter of the pair doing her best not to pass out from exhaustion. Leila got little sleep that night, as she had just lay awake for hours with her head on Bellamy's chest, listening to the steady rise and fall of his chest as his heart beat beneath his t-shirt.

"I can't believe they let Finn come," Octavia scoffed, walking just ahead of Bellamy and Leila.

"He's the best tracker we've got," Bellamy shrugged, before he began to talk to the entire group. "Don't forget to look up, the Grounders use the trees. That's how we lost John Mbege."

"Quite ironic, huh?" Leila smiled at Bellamy, as the two of them linked hands.

"What's ironic, Sunshine?" Bellamy asked with a small smirk.

"They're called 'Grounders', yet they spend more time in the trees," Leila said, before she looked up at the leaves hanging like a canopy above them. "I want to be able to climb trees."

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