Chapter 13:Hi-Larious ; All Innocent

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Riley POV

Watching her spend time with the boy made my heart burn. I ached to hold her hand, to make her laugh the way she was laughing with the little boy. I had to admit that it was pretty nice of her to go and hang with him but it just made me mad that I couldn't even make her laugh the way she was laughing now.

I leaned back into my chair and sighed. Course Edward would intervene and try and calm me down but I just wanted her in my arms, to smell her sweet fiery scent. I dont know how but she smelt of fire.Fire, lemons, and and peppermint. A weird combination, but none the less I couldn't get enough of it all. Her fiery red hair was flowing in the wind, cliche I know, but that was the only way to describe it all.

"Cliche is right. C'mon dude. Even I am not that whipped." I agreed.

"Yeah I know. But shes got me wrapped around her little finger. I just wish she was with me right now." I groaned. God I am whipped pretty good aren't I? Edward laughed and nodded. My feelings seemed to soften and lessen. My ache for her was still there but it wasn't as strong. I muttered a thanks to Jasper and closed my eyes. I layed my head back amd focused on all the other scents on the beach.

I could smell lavender, honey, honeysuckle, peaches, strawberries, wood, grass, and beef. Weird enough this occupied the time in which I wasn't with Cleo. Ahhh. Cleo; she was a dream. Everything about her was intrigueing and nothing was boring. She seemed to have endless surprises coming up and out of her sleeve. I pictured her and I togethor forever. But only one thing interrupted that dream. The dreaded wolf, I looked over at Jacob. He and Emmett were busy helping a little kid build a sand castle. I wasn't fond of him but I had respect for him.

But it wasn't Jacob himself who interrupted my dreams, but his species. You see, you would never know if you were a mate to a werewolf until you saw him.This had been terrifying ever since I had met Cleo. I knew something would go wrong.

Cleo is too pretty and perfect to like me, let alone love me. Besides I am a cold hearted killer. I dont know what she sees in me. I looked back over and saw her saying good bye to the little twerp [I dont know how to spell it so yah lol]. I watched as she took the little boys' hand and kissed. He instantly started grinning like an idiot. My angel is a saint. She took time out of her day to be with him. Lucky him, I thought.

Cleo made her way back up here smiling and thinking. SHe said hi, but i was too deep in thought to answer. She came up behind and kissed my cheek, I turned to look at her.

"Its ok big-boy. We were just talking. Nothing to get your fangs dented about." She started laughing at her little joke. I turned to look at her, turning my body completely. "C'mon. You have to admit that was hi-larious!" I chuckled at her cuteness and pulled her in for a kiss. We had only known eachother for a day and she already had me whipped.

"C'mon Cleo! I want to get to as many shops as we can. Because lets face it you and Bella need some help." Bella and her faked a hurt look. "You know I think I'll go with Bella and we can shop TOGETHOR and ALONE without any help at all." Alice's expression turned from regular to horrified faster than Jasper could ever change anyone's emotions.Alice quickly apologized.

Renesmee's POV

As much as my family would like to have thought that I didn't get what was happening, I did. Uncle Riley found a beautiful girl and intended on spending the rest of his life with her. I know my parents story by heart and knew theirs wasn't going to differ by much. I  watched as Riley and Cleo kissed. He looked at her with so much adoration in his eyes and she did as well. I giggled, knowing I would have the greatest cousins in the world. My dad looked at me, I only grinned.

We all knew it was gonna happen.They would fall in love, get engaged, get married, do the nasty and maybe hav a child of their own, like me! I frowned. I knew it was a terrible thing to ask of them both especially since I knew my Momma almost died because of me. It was my fault that it all happened.

"Nessie! Dont think that, it was not your fault. It was and is no one's fault." My dad scolded me. He told me this frequently but I never stopped thinking the way I did. Because I knew it was the truth.

After Aunt Alice had apologized to my mom and Cleo we were off. I had put on a pair of sofies' and a loose over shirt to cover my child-like belly. Cleo, Alice, Rosalie and my mom were gathering their bags and were almost ready I couldn't wait to ask Cleo about her and Riley and if they would get married. I can usually charm anyone into telling me what they want. I mean I am the cutest little girl they ever did see

In literally a minute we were ready to go and my plans for Uncle Riley and Cleo's wedding weren't coming to an end.We finally got to where sidewalk and sand meet. There was a tall man there shifting the sand into different places to create a pretty picture. Kinda like the pretty pictures Zafrina would show me. Ahhh. Oh how I miss my friend.

Aunt Rosalie grabbed my hand pulling me out of reality.  Even though I am really 1 and a half years old I look 3. My family tell others I am 2 so it would seem believable. SInce I am still young, Rosalie and Alice stll treat me like a China Doll, at times it can be and other times I just want to scream. But that would upset them both.

We started the long journey, that was known as shopping, down the long street that was followed by many more streets. I sighed. Atleast Cleo and my mom would know my pain. I kissed my aunt's hand, to let her know I loved her, and skipped up to where Cleo was walking, alone. I grabbed hold of her hand and started to skip, she laughed.

"Oh little Nessie. How are you today my dear?" she asked with her pretty voice. It wasn't soprano like mine but it was calm and happy. I looked up to see her smiling her beautiful smile and the sun shining through her hair making it stand out immensly. No wonder she chose the color.

"I am very fine, thankyou. Sooo..." I left the question un completed. She had a puzzled look, perfectly formed into a smile. No wonder why Uncle Riley likes her so much. She's perfect!

"What are playing at?" She said with a British accent. I giggled and she laughed but I though out my answer carefully. Not wanting to give her the wrong idea. But we were interrupted when Alice and Rosalie stopped at a little cafe-type-place. Here Cleo and I got drinks since it recently changed from perfect climate to really hot. We both got Dr. Peppers with little ice. As we started down our walk again I decided to just go out on a limb and ask.

"Are you and Riley gonna get married and have babies?" I asked. She did a spit-take. She looked at me completely confused. I smiled, all innocent.

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