My mom is a prostitute, my dad a sex addict, my brother and I are...? [[17]]

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My mom is a prostitute, my dad a sex addict, my brother and I are...?


Penny picked me up and we were at the mall already. She told me she would buy anything for me. I objected many times. She told me Arik, or rather Dad, gave her five thousand dollars and he told Penny to get anything for me. I forgot I haven't even told Arik that I was going to have child and that I was already three months.

"So, um, not to be rude or anything but it seems Julian put a lot of weight on you." Penny said as we walked in Victoria Secret.

"Um, yeah, I guess." I said, taking as no offense. I knew Penny had to be the nicest person in the world.

"Well, where is Julian?" she asked.

I shrugged. "I told him to get me a steak about an hour ago and he still wasn't back when I left."

Penny's face fell. "Aw, that sucks. I hate it when Reilly doesn't come back. We're like really close."

Julian and I are closer than you think, girl. "Aw, that's like me and Julian. Even though we are half blood, he is still my brother."

Penny smiled. "Well, since he isn't really related to us, he is kinda hot."

I agreed. "Yeah, I guess. Practically every girl in school drools over him."

"Psh, I would too if I went to your school." She laughed. I kinda laughed too. I mean, Penny is really awesome. I never got to know her that well so I guess it's my time now to know her.

We tried on many things in Victoria Secret and so on in the mall. Penny was in band and she was admired by some people ion the mall I was guessing as friends. Some guys were awfully hot and I cant believe Penny was just throwing them off. I didn't get to meet her boyfriend yet but she said I could come back to her house because he'll be over. Penny is a really cool person but there's something in her that makes me itch. I mean, it's not envy but just something else. I don't know.

We were at the food court and me and Penny were laughing until my cell phone rang.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Oh God, Anna!! Where are you?!" Julian said. I turned in my chair.

"I'm with Penny. You would've known that if you were at the room." I snapped. Man, I'm having a good time and Julian is practically shouting at me?

"Anna, I'm sorry. It's just that, Sam isn't here and you're not here. I called Sam and he wouldn't pick up and then I call you. I was just worried." He said.

"Oh, well, don't worry so much. I'm at the mall with Penny." I said.

"Penny? As in Reilly's sister?" he asked.

"Yeah, and she's my sister too." I said.

"Okay, Anna, calm down. I'll see you. Bye." He hung up. I turned back to Penny who was hardcore texting. I ate my Chinese food and looked around. Penny slamme her phone down and I looked at her with surprise.

"Um, my boyfriend isn't coming over. So, yeah." She said. I nodded. She looked around and it looked like she was ready to pass out or something.

"Oh, so are we still going to your house?" I asked. She nodded and smiled. She looked at her watch and her eyes got big.

"Wow, I didn't think we spent this much time at the mall." She chuckled. I smiled and she got up and threw away her leftover food. I ate all mine which was no surprise.

We left the mall and we were heading back on the road. We were blasting music and to my surprise, it was MGMT.

"I'm sorry for the loud music. I'm totally in love with this band." Penny said over the music. I nodded, agreeing that this band was very awesome. We continued to drive and I rolled down my window to the warm breeze.

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