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Chapter- Thirty Eight

I was wondering if I should call her again or if I should wait for some more time.

I paced around the empty room, the candle was nearly on its way to end its life.

I was getting impatient. I needed to get out of here, contact Zoe and the only thing between me and Zoe was that man.

God, please help me out.

I prayed silently and hoped that I would get out of this place.

And with all my soul I hope then I would never get kidnapped again, I was tired of all this things.

I wanted a hot cup of coffee, a good novel and a blanket at that time.

I mean I wanted anything but to stay here. There was not even a bed here; how the hell did they think I would be able to stay here?

Bloody idiots.

Chivalry was dead, after all.

Not able  to contain myself, I took out the phone and decided to call her again.

I mean, try try but not cry, right?

At the fifth ring, someone received the phone.

"Hello?" When I heard her voice, I was not able to contain myself and I let out a loud squeal.


I heard her laugh. "Chanel. Thank God, it's you." I heard her say and then her voice sobered up and she told me in a serious voice, "Are you okay? I'm so glad that you called. Listen, I need to tell you something. I'm coming to get you, alright? But till then don't inform anyone that you are with me."

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