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  "Are you ready to get your ass handed to you

  "Are you ready to get your ass handed to you." You can see the glint of determination in Jughead's eyes.

"Do you mean I am ready to get my ass handed to you? Typical [Y/N] always mistaking words." You pout your lips, it always works with your parents.

"Nope. Not working." Jughead covers his eyes, "I'm not falling for your schemes."

You let out a whine, "Come on Jug. We made a bet. You're going to talk to my parents and say we are in a relationship—"

"Then your dad will accept me in opens arms oh wait he'll lash out me. Yup I can't wait." Jughead said sarcastically. You grasp his hand, "and if that happens. I'll do anything you want. I'll even watch that movie you like—"

"Stop right there! Deal. If I win you'll go to the drive-in with me before it closes down and we'll tag our names on it." He said. You could hear the sadness of his voice when he said the drive-in. You held his hand tighter in reassurance.

"Dummy. I'll tag my name anyways. Let's talk about if I win...."


"And who is this punk?" Your father said when he opened to the door to face Jughead and you.

You laughed nervously, " Where is mom?"

"Inside. Now who is he?"

Jughead cleared his voice, "Hello Mr. [L/N], I'm very fond of your daughter. She's very intelligent and beautiful."

"I already know that she is intelligent and beautiful. I don't need a guy who I don't know to tell me something obvious." Your father scoffed.

"Dad!" You whined. Your father was always protective of you.

When you got inside of the house with Jughead. You saw your mom sitting on the couch, eyeing Jughead suspiciously.

"Hello Mrs. [L/N]." Jughead then shook her hand.

"Hello." She smiled then looked at your dad with her infamous confused face.

"Is this your friend, [Y/N]?" She then asked you.

"No. well...sorta." You replied. Time to come clean...

"Your daughter and I are dating." Jughead confessed before you can.

There was an awkward silence. Your mom moved uncomfortably on the couch. She looked at you then Jughead. "Okay." She said with a smile.

Your dad's face turned red, "what do you mean "okay", [Y/M/N]."

"They are clearly in love. And she is old enough to have a boyfriend. We will talk about this later."

"So can I still date him?" You felt Jughead's fingers intertwined with yours.

"Yes darling. But no funny business! Or I will let your dad use the shotgun on the young man."


"I can't believe they said yes." You said with a laugh.

"And I can't believe you won the bet" you smirked.

"Thanks for reminding me Jug. Are you ready to wear that speedo?"

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