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Vaness: 17 half black half white spanish loves to read and play the drums and eat (who doesnt lol)

sky: 17 half spanish half black loves to cook and loves to play on her phone and eat lol

vaness prov: im in my room on my phone and my bff sky textes me i get  very happy for some reason i think i have a crush on her no no shes my bff since we where in dipers it cant be but what ever I text her back

v:Vanessa    s:sky

s:hey baby girl was wassup

v:hey nothing u

s:nothing talking to you pretty

v: aww baby girl the hey can u sleep over

s: uhhh let me ask my mom

v: OK

s: she said OK I will be there in 10

v: OK see u

s: OK love ya bye

v: love ya too bye

this is going to be fun I go to my dresser to get my spongebob pj's yes I still like spongebob dont hate LOL I go take a shower and dry my hair and I here the door bell wonder who it is?

a/n this is my story hope it goes good wish me luck

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