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Pen Your Pride

At last, I find my breath. Realizing I hadn't breathed out for a while, I exhale slowly, quietly. I was safe--for now. The zombie was no longer here, anymore.

I retain my balance, shaking. My hands were as stiff as clay; I rub both upper arms for comfort. A cold dread had taken a hold of my limbs.

What was happening? Why did he leave? He could've killed me.

More importantly; who had attacked us?

The unknown attackers had probably moved on, to hunting down the animal.

I then take a few steps up to some camper truck, and peered over around the corner. Something roared like thunder. the earth shakes a little as I hear the rat-a-tat-tat of gunfires. Another blast sets off on the distance. somewhere glass shatters, and someone shouts. In the distance, I see some movement, near some few other vehicles father ahead. But, I also catch sight of many figures, running by. Their shadows reflected upon some car windows. Steady footsteps, along with the clanking of their haversack, rifles echoes through the yard.

Fortunately they run past me, unaware of my presence. Once I verified their grey-camouflaged uniforms, I instantly knew. They too, were Grant's men.

A loud rumbling noise comes as well, behind the last soldiers. And that's when I see the big guns; 2 large camouflaged tanks, slowly following. Many small objects are crushed beneath its road wheels, as the war machine shows no bounds.

I gulped. I had a feeling that my escape was going to be more troubling.

Suddenly, that's when the lead soldier standing up front stops dead on his tracks. The rest follows as well. I see some of them look around cautiously, guns at the ready.

Uh oh. Immediately I turn back, leaning against the side of the RV. Panicked thoughts ran through my mind.

Did they see me? I waited for several pressuring minutes. But before you know it, several of them gasp, and a whole ton of agonizing cries echo behind me.

There was no way in waiting this out. I had to see what was going on. Without a second thought, my head snaps back, to see fewer soldiers--and amongst them, a violent, fast moving figure.

"Heads up," The leader orders, "Tanks hold your fires. Prepare to fire once target is in the permitted distance!"

I too, find myself unable to move. What do I do? I was already too close to the up roaring battle to run away now.

An object on the floor catches my attention; it was the sedative that I had dropped before. Quickly grabbing it (just in case), that's when I hear a cry. "Initiate imissile sequence!"

My jaw drops. Missile sequence-?

In a split second, I see the ghoul right in front of me, barely a meter away from where I stand. Yet, in that millisecond, seemed like a long pause.

We both exchange looks of worry, looks of shock. We probably had the same question in mind; how did you get here?

However, that moment is immediately cut off by a loud explosion so close in range.

I grunted, not daring to make a sound. I shielding my face as dirt goes spraying on my arms and body, and end up falling backwards.

I roll a few times on the floor, before I hear another yell, "Fire!" And more missiles are sent flying towards us; or rather the fleeing biter.

I realize that hiding here was now inadequate. And immediately I retreat.

Everything around me rumbles and shakes as the missiles hit ground floors. I duck behind few metal barrels just before another rainfall of missiles bursts behind me. Again, comes more cries and curses, before the gore stabbing and clawing noises.

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