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the observer

"Just got a call from Jeff, we're going to start filming for Jackass in a month," Ryan said as he walked back into the living room with a huge smile on his face.

Hunter gasped, "that's so freaking awesome," she smiled proudly, "I'm so happy for you Ryan, congrats."

Ryan smiled, "Thank you." He put his phone on the table and laid down on the couch, resting his head in Hunter's lap.

Hunter smiled down at him and ran her fingers through his hair, "you gotta promise me something though," she started.

Ryan looked up at her, "..and what is that?"

"Promise me you won't forget me when you're famous."

Ryan furrowed his brows and started laughing.

"Stop it Ryan, I'm dead serious."

"Come on Hunter, stop being ridiculous."

"I just need you to promise me," she said in all seriousness.

After the tv show of Jackass aired, the cast had grown quite popular, just not enough to call themselves celebrities yet. They did get recognized by fans, but that was just occasionally.  But Hunter was sure that once the movie would come out, they would be absolutely booming.

"Alright alright, I promise.." Ryan said, his laugh dying down a bit.

"Ha. You're stuck with me forever now," Hunter joked.

"Oh, I don't mind," Ryan replied, closing his eyes.

"Good." she said pleased.

After a little moment Ryan opened his eyes again and looked up at Hunter, "that spot in your neck doesn't really seem to go away huh," he said.

Hunter's eyes widened and she looked away from him quickly, she thought she had been hiding it well. It had been four days since the party, but the hickey didn't show any sign of going away. But then again, why would Ryan bring this up now? Did he know something?

"You never told me how you got it.."

Hunter turned her gaze back to him.

"I mean, how the fuck can you get a bruise in your neck?"

"Stop," Hunter said. She sat up straight again, forcing Ryan to move his head away.

Ryan frowned as he looked at her, but she didn't dare to look back.

"What's wrong?"

Hunter played with her hair nervously and sighed, "did you ever just want to go back in time and fucking punch yourself in the face?" 

Ryan raised an eyebrow, "is this about Liam?"

Hunter threw her head back out of frustration and let out another sigh.

"No, It's not about Liam."

"Then what's it about?"

Hunter kept quiet and looked away from his gaze. "It's about Bam."

Ryan frowned and looked down at his feet, "Bam? Did he hurt you?"


Ryan looked at her, "but I don't understand."

"Obviously," Hunter said.

Ryan shook his head, "I can't read minds, you know," he said.

Hunter bit her lip and fiddled with her sleeves, "It's not a bruise Ryan."

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