Pleasure Center

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First off, I want to thank SofaKingHaley for making the banners. (I love them, they're really great.) :)

Sorry this took so long to upload, I finally managed to find my way around the writer’s block that was smothering me. Rest assured I am now back on track and will be uploading every Sunday. ;)  Please enjoy, and don’t forget to comment I love hearing your thoughts and questions.

Btw, this chapter has a mild sex scene tread carefully.


“Can you get me Chocolate?”  Adam said simply while resting the back of his head against the wall.

I stared at him waiting for any indicator that he was joking, when none came, I finally responded.

“You want Chocolate?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

Adam turned to look at me; his eyes gleamed in the florescent lights that hung down from the ceiling. “That’s what I said isn’t it?”

“Is that some kind of euphemism?” I asked trying to make sense of what he had asked for.

A laugh escaped his lips “No, just chocolate.”

I scooted closer to Adam and spoke in a hushed voice “Are you sure it’s not a sexual innuendo?”

Adam broke out into a hysterical laughter, “What kind of sexual innuendo would asking for chocolate be Code for? Shit on my chest?”

“I don’t know it just doesn’t seem normal.” I blushed embarrassed.

Adam finally stopped laughing and turned to face me. “Well now that we’ve got that covered, can you get it for me?”

“Yeah I can if that’s really what you want …” I was pretty sure that I could get Derrick or somebody from his goon squad to send me some. It wouldn’t be difficult right?

Adam spoke as he stretched his body. “You look real confused.”

“Why would you ask for something your mom could send you in a care package?” I asked bluntly.

“Not that simple, chocolate is only allowed when we earn it as a reward and our parents cannot send it to us. It goes the same for smokes and let’s just say; I’m not the most behaved guy.”

“I guess I get it.” I pause rethinking my chocolate grubbing strategy. “Still kind of weird though.”

“What do you think I should ask for then?” his tone was full of curiosity.

“I don’t know maybe something that only I can give you at the moment.” I shrugged playing my offer for sex casually.

There was a twinkle in Adams eye. “Like what, sexual favors?”

“Well yeah.” That’s what I assumed every teenaged boy in lock up thought about.

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