Lily - The Final Debate

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The break neck speed of campaigning is taking a toll. Non-stop travel, sleeping on the plane between rallies, eating whatever is available. Even a pot of coffee isn't enough to wake me up today. It's frigid here. There's snow on the ground; too much for November. My joints ache as the chill settles into them. These reminders I'm getting old aren't necessary. It snuck up on me. In my mind I'm still in my forties, can't be sixty-seven, closing in far too fast on sixty-eight. Suppose I earned each year. Worked hard for every wrinkle, every laugh line. Lived hard and loved harder. Isn't that something the kids would say? I've been working on being more relatable to the younger generations. I'm on every social media platform: taking selfies, snapchatting, tweeting. The technology nowadays is astounding, and we waste it on such trivial endeavors.

There's a sketch show on Saturday nights and this comedienne, Kate, does a hilarious impression of me. They asked me to be a part of a sketch. I never realized how animated I am when I talk, or how much I sound and look like Katharine Hepburn. Kate was doing one of her skits, and I came in and interrupted her. We had a moment; it was one of the most terrifying things I've done in my life. And I was a combat nurse in Nam, so that's saying something. I'm not used to the spotlight. My running mate, John, appeared a few weeks ago, and it's one of the most-watched clips in the show's long history.

John's known for being eccentric. Shops at thrift stores, donates most of the money he makes to charity, he and his wife live in a small cabin that's off the grid. He's one of my oldest friends, and I don't think I would do this if it wasn't for his support and persistence. If we get the right people in office with us, we'll do so much good.

I'm trying not to focus on my disdain for wasting another night this way. I want to be wearing sweats and watching reruns of the hilarious Tina Fey show with a scotch, or reading to my grandkids. Heck, I'd even take another colonoscopy over this. Instead, here I am: it's the last debate in what's turned out to be a tight presidential race. The fact it's this tight was baffling.

Well, racism, sexism, and bigotry play a part. I have decades of experience, and I'm running against a businessman with none. Somehow he got the Republican bid. It goes to show what's become of the Republican Party, I guess. Daniel's a skinny, greasy tech bro that inherited billions from his family. He made more with shady business dealings and screwing over everyone he works with. He's a terrible human being, and I'm positive he will burn it all to the ground.

I've served at the city, state, and federal levels. This man makes a mockery of everything I believe. Everyone the world over is beside themselves. The last three debates he talked over me, belittled me, and hasn't said a single useful thing.

He has loyal followers, and they make things difficult. There are folks that wanted my running mate, John, with the Presidential bid instead of me. I hoped serving with him would be enough. People are calling him a traitor though. I'm not progressive enough for his base.

There were devastating hacks by black hats. From the hacks there were forged and faked documents, enough idiots believe they're genuine. We believe the GOP, or a foreign body, created them because I'm an outspoken woman and I don't let them get away with nonsense.

So the angry folks are voting out of spite, the crazy folks are voting because they're racist jerks, and the sane folks are desperate to keep the country from falling to pieces.

I am one of the desperate ones.

People may not appreciate me or my policies, but I love this country, our country, and I will not sit by while it's destroyed.

"Candidates, it's time for the coin toss. Madam Speaker, it's your turn to call," a youthful man says. His hands shake as he tosses the coin.

I still think it's odd when people get worked up being around me, or the blowhard Thomas.

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