Three - Party Panic

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Ellie wore her finest, favourite dress to the party accompanied by her boyfriend Freddie Roscoe, she made her way to the microphone and announced the dog open once again, as she did so in the corner of her eye she spotted Holly Cunningham alongside Nick, Nick Savage!

Why was he here? Why was he following her? Questions began to fill Ellie's mind about Nick and Freddie noticed her beginning to sweat, he sat her down on a chair and got her a glass of water, she felt incredibly light headed and felt as if she was going to faint. Freddie began asking her what was wrong but she would not reply, she was too scared that if she did Nick might do it again. Freddie begged her to answer him and finally she did but only saying 'It's nothing'. Freddie knew something was wrong and her responses made him begin to panic.

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