My Giant Sister

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02: My Giant Sister

[ F I N N ]

The trip home is short, since Daniel decided to speed the whole way, making me have to hold onto Axels finger for dear life.

Daniel pulls up out the front of the house turning the engine off he turns to me sitting on Axels palm. He smiles, stretching his hand out towards me he picks me up off Axels hand.

"What are you doing?" I squirm in Daniels fist, freeing my arms I place them on top of his warm fingers.

"Well... Axel is suppose to be at swimming training, so he's going for a drive. While we-" Daniel opens his door and gets out of the car, "go inside and not tell the parentals what's actually happening" Daniel looks from me to Axel getting out of the passengers side door and quickly walking around the boot to the drivers side.

"I can't make any promise" I smirk at Axel who approaches me with a scowl.

"If you do, I'll put you in my mouth again" Axel points at me in Daniels fist, whilst Daniel hands him his car keys, "but this time I'll close my mouth and swallow" a shiver runs down my spine at the thought. Axel smirks and grabs the keys from Daniel, plopping himself down into the drivers seat.

"Ew! you put him in your mouth?" Daniel bends down, leaning through the window he looks over at Axel restarting the car. His fingers tighten a little around me and I squirm from the pressure.

"Yeah, and he tasted like shit to!" Axel starts the car as I begin squirming even more in Daniels fist.

"I've always known you swallowed!" I blurt. Both me and Daniel laugh at Axel glaring at us, "and if I tasted so bad, maybe you shouldn't have put me in your mouth in the first place!" I slump back into Daniels hand, giving up I laugh at Axel slamming the door on Daniel.

"Shut up Finn, I'll get you back, don't you worry" Axel revs the engine, looking up at me and Daniel, "be back in ten" Daniel nods, shifting his bag on his shoulder.

"If you get a single scratch on my baby girl, I'll rip your balls off, roast em, then force feed them to you by shoving them down your throat. Okay!" Daniel smiles and Axel nods, looking bored at the attempted threat.m he brushes his light brown hair out of his eyes. I look back up at Daniel, his almost black hair is still perfectly gelled back as he leans away form the car.

"Finn, Don't tell the parentals" I turn back around to Axel pointing at me one last time and I roll my eyes as he slams his foot down, speeding down the street he disappears from sight in Daniels ford. Axel honks down the street, making both me and Daniel look at each other with raised brows.

"I swear if he crashes my car, he's dead" Daniel looks at his disappearing car, then back down at me, giving me a big nervous smile.

"I wouldn't have trusted him with my life. And I do nearly everyday!" I glare at the road that Axel sped down. Daniel chuckles, flipping his sun glasses onto his eyes.

"Yeah well, not much we can do there..." Daniel gives me a sympathetic smile, which I shrug off. I don't need his sympathy, as long as he takes me where I need to go I'm all good.

In silence, Daniel turns on his heels and heads towards the front door, pulling out his keys he unlocks the house and walks inside.


"Go away Daniel!" I cover my ears at Lola's high pitched squeals. Lola swats at Daniels hand, trying to grab her book from him. Her blonde locks bounce as she try's grabbing her book. Her oversized shirt, that belongs to Axel, hangs below her knees as she crawls towards Daniel. And of course, her read bow is pinned in her blonde hair. I roll my eyes and stand up from the coffee table. Letting out the biggest yawn in my life I begin walking over to the in built stair case by the leg of the table. I need to get away from all this yelling. I turn back to see Lola snatching the book out of Daniels hands, giving him a death glare before turning back to me. I've been modelling for her drawing that she needs to hand in to her art class tomorrow for over an hour now, I'm so tied it's not funny.

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