California Kisses *19

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That's where Lee finally came in and decided that it was best to separate both guys. Lee would drive the one van with Chase, Jesse, Rob, Mark and Matt, whereas I would drive the other van with Carrie, Alice, Josh, Landon and Ty.

Bringing us back to the present, where Josh was currently arguing with Carrie and me about the hotness of Channing Tatum. An argument he was NOT going to win.

"Nah-ah! I'm sorry boy, you may be all THAT" Carrie chuckled, waving her hand around indicating to Josh's body "But when it comes to our dear Channing... You just don't make the cut babe"

"Damn right!" I agreed, whilst Hii5ing Carrie.

"You bitches are evil! All you want to do is hurt my feelings!" He whined whilst leaning his head against Alice, who's petit frame was perched in between two huge bodies belonging to Josh himself and Ty.

"Aww... cheer up baby. I think you're gorgeous! I'm sure Lee does too!" Ty chuckled, causing all of us to have a laughing fit. Again.

"Shut the fuck up man!" Josh groaned and punched Ty in the arm.

"Okay boys, boys! Stop! There's another body sitting here and if you don't stop it, I will gladly punch you both!" Alice screeched.

Both Josh and Ty gave out a muttered Sorry. Before Josh went into sulk mood again and leaned against the window.

"So.... So yeah, Channing's totally hot!" Carrie suddenly said, mimicking a girlish voice just like Tiffany's.

This caused us to laugh again whilst Josh continued to groan.

"What's the big deal anyway Josh? Why are you so bummed out about it?" I asked as soon as I finished laughing.

At first Josh wouldn't answer. Though for a second I was sure he muttered something sounding like "Because you like him better than me" under his breath. Nah, I probably imagined it.

"It's because he is such a pussy! Not one film have I seen of his yet which is good! Not one! And that new one Dear Tom looks just as bad" he complained.

Carrie, Alice and I all gasped simultaneously.

"Oh Em Gee! I sooo cannot believe you just said that! Dear JOHN is one of the best films ever! I swear it is amazing! It is so sad, even if someone like YOU watched it, I could guarantee you will be in tears by the time the credits start rolling" Carrie exclaimed "In fact... Skyla is that pirate copy of mine still at your house? Yeah it is! I DEMAND you make him watch it! You have to! Promise me you will watch it with Sky Josh. Promise me promise me!" she yelled, practically bouncing from her seat whilst we all chuckled.

"Ugh fine! But don't say I didn't warn you if I lash out!" Josh retorted, frowning.

"We'll see. I can guarantee you that there will be no lashing out tonight" Carrie giggled.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see her watching me intently with a knowing smile/smirk on her face. I was about to ask her what she was up to when the song changed on the radio and she abruptly cut me off.

"Oh my god I love this freaking song!" she yelled whilst turning the volume up full blast.

"Oh my god me too!" Both Alice and I exclaimed at the same time, causing us to giggle afterwards.

"OH NO!" 


"NO FREAKING WAY!" Josh, Landon and Ty all complained from the back whilst we began to scream from the top of our lungs.




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