Chapter Thirty-Two» A Hushed Tale

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The soft illuminating light; glistened against the windows. Illuminating the light across the room. Spreading it all around. The air remained quiet , as quiet as it could.  Dwelling on its secrets. On its hushed lullabies. On its hushed tales.

It was as though all the happiness from the world, had been trapped in a jar and was finally given freedom. Allowing it to illuminate all around.

Smiling softly, I streched lightly. Stifling the air I was gasping for. My movements abruptly stopping; feeling a large heavy arm against my waist. Pulling me in.

Turning to the side, my eyes landed on the handsome man beside me. Seeing his face relaxed, a soft look plastering his features. Long raven hair strands fell loosely on to his olive  tanned skin. A content look morphed him; as he snuggled in. His large figure pulling my small one near his.

Memories of last night washed across me; causing utter heat to flood my cheeks. My mind barely able to consume what happened. Clearing my throat lightly, I raised my palm upwards, slowly pushing him away. Seeing his eyebrows furrow.

" Aazeen stay" he commanded lightly; making me look down and smile at the man. Even if his eyes remained closed, he knew I was staring at him, as a soft smile tugged at his lips.

" Ammar I have to get up. It's late" I said lightly hearing the man grunt and move away. His bulging arms stretching. Inhaling a sharp breath, he turned towards me. A smirk tugging at his lips.

" Morning babe" he groaned, brushing my hair aside causing me to look down. Heat flooding at the back of my neck. " You look beautiful" he spoke slowly causing me to furrow my eyebrows and give the man a mocking look.

" You're so cheesy"  I spoke lightly, making the man hover against me.
"That's not what you screamed last night" he said, lightly nipping against my neck causing me to gasp, and slap his arms away playfully.

" You're so shameless" I muttered hiding against his chest, hearing him chuckle lightly and wrap his arms around me. All the whilst keeping his weight on the bed. " Woman please, give me a break. You don't know half of the struggle I had to go through, waiting all this time". He said lightly; causing me to look at him in confusion. Not knowing what he was saying.

" You seriously don't know what I'm talking about? Ah Aazeen, this is world will eat you alive because of your innocence".  He groaned, placing a passionate kiss on my forehead as a wavering feeling dawned on me. My insides turning.

Everything seemed so good. At last happiness had come, yet why does it feel as though its short lived. As though all this happiness would soon disperse. Inhaling a sharp breath,  I could feel Ammar raise my chin upwards. Meeting his gaze.

Raising his head in a What's-wrong manner, I offered him a soft smile yet it seemed as though he wasn't falling for it. " I- I'm scared" I murmured lowly hearing the man inhale a sharp breath as he brushed my hair strands aside.

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