Chapter Seven!

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**Darren POV

Watching in grief as the car sped away, I suddenly wanted to smack myself for allowing what’s mine to leave with someone else. Could I be more foolish? I didn’t even get her number! What kind of mate am I? 

Sighing, as I came to the conclusion I needed advice, I yanked out my phone from its cozy pocket and dialed the number I knew by heart.


“Hey.. Mom” I mumbled, preparing for an earful.

“Where where you last night!? You had me worried sick, why didn’t you call?!” Her normal soft tone was replaced by one that left no room for lying. 

“I was with Jazzlin” I smiled lightly at the thought, I could almost picture my mothers face soften from the hard, worried look I imagined that was placed previously on her features.

“You could have called…” She sighed through the phone, justifying her reason for worry.

“I know, sorry.” I started to walk back toward my sleek car, “I need advice”

“We’ll take when you get home. Okay, Hun?” She asked, softly. I nodded, realizing a moment later that she could not see me. 

“Okay” bringing the phone from my ear, I quickly pressed my finger on the correct button, satisfied as the dial tone could be sounded through the phone. I peeled away from the street, speeding in the direction of home.

“Mom!” I shouted, announcing my presence., shutting the front door in the process.

“In the living room, Hun!” My mother responded.  I lazily threw my jacket on the coat rack, proceeding with pulling off my converse before meeting my mom in the living room.

“Hey, Darren!” Exclaimed Jake, my 15 year old brother. He, like me, had brown hair, though his was slightly lighter than mine, both of us having a slight wave to our hair. He wore a plain t-shirt, along with basketball shorts.

“Hey, buddy” I greeted with a smile, Jake and I have a great relationship, something I always loved.

“Now,” My mother piped in “ About this advice..” 

“Mate advice” I cut in. Jake’s face coated in disbelief as he turned to me.

“You found her!” He yelled, grinning like a mad-man. I nodded, grinning myself. Before we could get too carried away, my mother cut in.

“Anyways!” My mother called for order, “What’s the problem?”

I sighed, knowing this would be embarrassing, “I just don’t know how to act around her. I mean, I’m use to getting girls without even trying, but Jazzlin” I sighed, “She doesn’t seem interested so I just end up annoying her with my so called ’charm’” 

my mother thought for a moment, “How do you feel about her?” I stared blankly, how do I explain that?

“She’s completely beautiful, to be honest I don’t deserve her.  I cant help but smile every time I see her. even though I haven’t known her long, As corny as it sounds, I would do anything for her, she brightens up my world.” My mother smiled fondly at me. 

“Maybe instead of trying to win her over, just try and learn more about her” My mother suggested, “Get to know her, be her friend first”

“I’m not a patient person, mom” I groaned, rolling my head back. I didn’t like the idea of having to wait to call Jazzlin mine.