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You fixed your tie and your hair, brushed your teeth and picked out a belt for your first day working as a therapist at the Asylum. Now, you weren't that find fond of the idea, but hell, it pays well. You put on your black dress shoes and you looked at yourself in the mirror.

You: I'm looking pretty swanky.

You grabbed your coat and car keys and went outside your apartment and walked to your car. You climbed in, out your keys in, started up your car, and started to drive to "Red Hills Asylum".


You pulled into the parking lot that was it the front of the asylum. A parking spot had a little sign that said "(Y/N!) (L/N!), so you assumed it was for you. You parked in it, got out, and popped your back. A woman that was about 6'1 came outside with a clipboard and she had long black hair, a D-Cup sizes bust, really pale white skin, and black framed glasses. She walked towards you.

Sally: Hello, are you Mr.(L/N!)?

You: The one and only. Why is my parking spot the only one here with a sign?

Sally: Because, therapist here are very hard to come by. Considering that most people leave after the first day because the girls here scare them off.

You: Girls? What do you mean? Do guys not get a therapist? Wait, what's your name?

Sally: My name is Sally Stroheim (It's not a female me, it's my OC's daughter guys...). And it's an all female Asylum, the first I  the world.

You remembered seeing something about her in the newspapers, so you stuck out your hand.

You: Trust me, I Won't run away as soon as I meet them. It'll take a lot more then a crazy lady to scare me. Insanity doesn't scare me, because everyone is a little bit crazy, am I right?

Sally: Huh, I guess your right. Never really thought about it that way.. anyways, the only male here besides you is my father, but he's in the hospital. He told one of the girls that our new therapist, which is you, will run off.. so they got into a very bloody fist fight.

You: Well shit. Where's my office, I want to get started right away.

Sally: just follow me, ok sweetie?

You: Um... ok.

After about 20 minutes of walking around, you were lead into your office. You took out your CD player and plugged it in, pulled a disk out of your coat, and popped it in. It started to play "manUnkind" by Metallic and you started unloading everything into your office. You were coming up the stairs with your last box of stairs, it had your camera, and all your cords to your computer. You bumped into a girl with an psycho suit (what ever those suits are called) and she was about 5'11 with light brown hair, and an eyepatch over her right eye, along with a few scars on her neck.

???: Better watch your step or next time I'll-

She stared at you in complete aww and she was wonderstuct.

You: Or You will what?

???: I w-will um... wait, you the new therapist?

You: Why yes I am, my name's (Y/N!), what's yours?

Tina: Tina Heisenberg. I'm a patient here.

You: Well, your the first patient I have ever met here, so can i take a picture and put it on the wall in my office?

She blushed dark red and nodded and smiles a toothy grin, which then you noticed she had sharp teeth. You took out your camera and took a picture of the two of you, but here sharp teeth gave you chills down your spine. You smiles and got up and walked off to your office. She stood up and stared at you walk away, licking her lips with her pointed tongue and giggled.

Tina: Oh my sweetest darling (Y/N!), you do not know what I got planned for you...

((That's all guys, what did you think???))

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