Chapter 10

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Disclaimer: None of this is mine, nor will it ever be (sigh). I like to play with the characters that Stephenie Meyers created and make them do pervy things or become angels with a bad attitude.

Riley ... yeah ... do you think he'll get to Bella? And what about Edward?

Chapter Ten


I was sitting in my living room, curled up with threadbare quilt. I was tired, but so happy that I was off school for two weeks. The only plans I had were to get the cast removed from Dr. Clearwater and schedule the surgery for summer. Watching television, I sipped my tea and sighed contentedly.

Until I heard frantic knocking on my door. I almost dropped my tea.

"Shit," I spat, putting the mug on the cocktail table. I got up, checking the peephole in my door. I didn't see anyone, but the frenetic knocking made the door rattle on its hinges. Whoever was behind the door was too short to be seen. I opened the door, seeing a tiny woman with elfin features, ice-blue eyes and raven-colored hair. "Can I help you?"

"Hi, you don't know me, but I know you," she said, pushing past me and into my apartment. She had a similar accent to Edward, but more refined. "We have a common acquaintance. Edward Cullen?"

"Yeah," I replied. "Is everything alright? Has he gotten worse? He was sick at the end of the day, running a fever and seemed shaky."

"Much, much worse," the woman said, her brows furrowed and wringing her hands. "I'm Alice and probably best described as Edward's sister. He was injured today by ..." She blew out a breath. "I need you to come with me."

"Injured. I don't understand," I said. "He was sick at work, but not injured."

"Bella, there are things at play that are otherworldly," Alice murmured, looking upward. "Please forgive me." She rolled her shoulders and a pair of dainty, but powerful wings spread out from her back.

"Oh, shit!" I barked. "You have wings. How can you have wings? That shit is not normal. Alice, this is ... I need you to leave." I tried to push her toward the door, but she was rooted in her position.

"I can't," she said, her face broken, taking my hands. "Edward was attacked by Lucifer today and was shot by an arrow. A poisonous arrow that will kill him if he's not healed."

"Then heal him," I said, trying not to pass out. "You can heal him? Right? I don't have that kind of power."

"The thing is that I can't. I've removed the arrow, but only the love of his mate can heal him," she hissed. She took my hand and gripped it tightly. "That's you."

"What??!" I screamed. "Mate? This is ... WHAT?!"

"Shhh! I don't want that landlord of yours to hear you," Alice said. "She's a total bitch and she'll ruin everything." Alice blinked up at me, her ice-blue eyes filled with tears. "I need you to put on a coat and meet me on the roof. Only you can save Edward or he will die. Please?"

She didn't wait for me to respond. She hid her wings and darted out of my door. I've got to be hallucinating. I'm on some pretty strong pain medications. I went to sit back down, but a twist in my heart told me otherwise. Shaking my head, thinking that I'd wake up from this weird-ass nightmare, I grabbed my winter coat and climbed the stairs to the roof. Alice was there, speaking swiftly in another language on her cell phone. Ending the call, she slid it into her pocket. "I may be small, but I'm strong." She lifted me, causing me to shriek. "You may want to close your eyes."

"Who were you talking to?" I asked as her wings unfurled.

"My mate. He's watching over Edward and he's in bad, bad shape," she said. "Eyes. Closed. Now!" I clamped them shut and felt a gush of wind on my face. When I reopened them, I was above the clouds. "Aren't you a stubborn one?"

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