|Booker DeWitt| "Past, Present And Future."

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You walked along the boardwalk, your brother and sister by your side

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You walked along the boardwalk, your brother and sister by your side.

"You mean dead?"

"No, I mean dies."

You glanced towards the two

"No, I think you mean-"

The three of you said together

"Will die."

You nodded in agreement.

You were the sibling Y/N Lutece. In some way, you were very far different to your siblings. They could only go right or left. Or be correct or incorrect, or choose head or tails. However, you had tons of possibilities. You and the past, present, and future. You had control.

You walked around Columbia your head held high, while the other two conversed, you all stopped and leaned against a bar. Those two flipped a coin, while you quietly hummed and spun a pebble between your thumb and forefinger. Something blocked your light. You looked up from your position to see a muscular man; he wore striped pants, a black shirt with a denim jacket covering his upper arms. A red neckerchief hung around his throat. His brown hair brushed to the side, and stubble was forming on his chin. You knew the man as Booker Dewitt.

"Ah, Dewitt." The three of you synchronized. He looked towards the three of you.

"How do you know me?"

"The question is who does not know you?"

"Wrong again siblings." You interrupted.

"How's that so sister?" Robert began.

"You mean, why must we know the real identity of the man named, The False Shepard." You noted.

"Brilliant sister." Rosalind complimented.

You nodded.

"Are you following me?"

"I think you're mistaken, we simply appear." Robert nodded.

"The past the present and the future are amazing things aren't they, our sister here controls them and only them." Rosalind pointed towards you.

You nodded. "Indeed I do."

"Tsk, whatever look I'm looking for a way off Columbia."

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