Lost civilization (short story)

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wrote this story for my game class hope u like it:)

Somewhere in Central America….

My excavation crew and I are some of the best archaeologist in the world we have gone from the Incas to the Aztecs to even the ancient tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs’. We know everything there is to know about the ancient people of the world. Recently we have based are studies on the Americas from the Olmecs and the Incas and to the first people to cross the Siberian land bridge yet I have a feeling there is more secrets that lie in this ancient land. We have been roaming this area for many weeks I hope we will find something soon or we will give up hope.

            “Olivia! Come quick, “A man shouted from a short distance away. The night was somber so I decided that I would grab my emergency kit for safe keeping and a light sweater and rushed out from my tent. “Andrew what is it “I replied into the darkness slowly pulling out my flash light. “It’s Philip he has fallen into some sort of hole” the voice said from within the dreary jungle. “ Is he hurt “ asking  with a sense of hope that nothing had happened as we only had four days till the helicopter  picked us up near the Costa Rica border. “ No he is fine” Relief filled me “Well get him out and finish packing then sleep we will begin our hike at 6a.m sharp.” “Liv you’re not going to want to leave after you see this.”

            Curiosity pulled me to the closer to where the shadow of Andrew was standing. I looked down into the hole and it amazed me. It was a room a kitchen to be precise. In the corner was a wooden table two broken chairs some dishes in what appeared to be the sink. Something didn’t seem right why would there be a kitchen in the middle of the jungle it was beneath living standards. What made it even stranger was that it was as if they were here just yesterday but the smell of age and dust gave it away that it had been here for several decades maybe even centuries. “What is this place” I asked as I ran my fingers over the furniture. “I don’t know but I have a feeling that there was something wrong with this place” Andrew stated as he look around suspiciously. The corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of a paper on the floor. I walked towards the corner of the room slowly I picked it up the dust cover paper and from what I could see it said “1 a.m. Fernando outside water canal way out back soon- Joshua” the writing must have been written in a hurry. “Someone didn’t want to be here anymore.” Andrew insinuated from over my shoulder giving me a chill making me wonder why there was people here. “This could be an interesting story Andrew we must find out what happened to these people” I said.

            With a heavy sigh Andrew leaned against the wall. “Well what are we going to-” He was cut off as abruptly the whole room began to quake. “Andrew!” I stared as the ceiling began to close Andrew followed my gaze. He quickly climbed the ladder hoping that he could stop it but there was no use. I watched as the night sky and bright stars disappeared surrounding me.

            There was silence the only noise was the sound of our heavy breathing. “Andrew” I managed to whisper. I felt around in the darkness, “Andrew where are you?” I began to fill with worry. Hands touched my shoulders, I screamed. “Sshh it’s just me” the sound of his voice calmed me. I heard the rustling from within my bag as Andrew felt around for my flashlights.  The bright light scanned the room and landed on a door. “Was that there before?” I asked but realizing that of course it was doors just don’t appear from nowhere. “Here come and help me” Andrew muttered. We began pushing the door and it slowly opens filling the room with dust.

The door led to long dark narrow tunnel, “Umm this looks creepy.” I uttered. Something about this area wasn’t right. We began walking down the hall, every once in a while we had to crouch under fallen pillars, push heavy pieces of rocks and jump over some strange creature but after a while we stopped at a door. In front of the door were two circles I decided to step on one following my lead Andrew did the same. The room shook and slowly the walls pulled apart revealing a room filled with desks like an office room. “Okay let’s spilt up and see if we can find something. Okay” I suggested. He nodded in agreement and walked to the opposite side of the room. I searched through the drawers but most of the papers like the room were burnt and others fell apart at the touch.  There was a strange noise that came from my left side but I ignored it thinking it was nothing. The noise grew louder I immediately stopped what I was doing. I slowly looked up and heard giggling and something ran swiftly in front about 20 feet away. Whatever it was began screech I put my hands over my ears as the noise pierced through.

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