✯ | chapter nine

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THE JOURNEY BACK to newly-named 'Camp Jaha' was slower than everyone would have liked, as they had to keep stopping and starting due to Monroe's leg. However, the long walk that they had to undertake gave Bellamy and Leila the chance to talk once again.

Walking through the trees with his gun in his hand, Bellamy glanced at the brunette. "I saw you hug Murphy. Didn't think you'd forgive him that easily."

"Heat of the moment," Leila shrugged, kicking at the ground. "I still hate him."

"I think you can talk to your father now," Bellamy said. "After all, you forgave–"

"Out of the question," Leila interrupted, looking at her reflection in the blade of her sword.

She didn't realise it when she was in the medical tent, but when she frowned, her eyes seemed devoid of their chocolate brown colour; almost black against her pale skin. It was something she never noticed before, and it was something she wasn't proud of.

"Come on, I'm pretty sure you can find it in your heart to forgive him if you let Murphy off the hook that easily," Bellamy replied.

"Bell, don't you see?" Leila asked sadly, letting her blade fall to her side as he shoulders fell. "I can't forgive him. I've spent all these years hating him, forgiveness seems too easy. I don't know where to start."

"Just apologise," Bellamy suggested, resting a hand on Leila's shoulder. "Listen, you helped me face my demons. I'll help you face yours, but only if you promise you won't try and kill him. Comprendé?"

"Understood," Leila sighed. "I'll face him. Just as soon as I beat someone up."

"No," Bellamy said quickly. "No beating anyone up beforehand. You're gonna face him full of rage, and you're gonna control it."

"And if I can't?" Leila asked skeptically. "If I try to kill him?"

"I'll be there to make sure you don't," Bellamy replied.

Leila sighed. "You're too good to me, Bellamy Blake."

"I know, Sunshine," Bellamy smiled. "But you deserve a little good in your life. Everyone does."

"You're the good in my life, Bell," Leila said quietly. "You're my family. You and Clarke and Octavia and Finn and Raven. All of you. If I ever lost any of you, I wouldn't be able to handle it–"

Bellamy broke in then,minor wanting Leila to get worked up. "Hey, you're not gonna lose anyone, okay? I promise."

Leila nodded. "Okay. God, I wish Clarke were here."

Bellamy smiled sadly as they reached the gates of 'Camp Jaha'. They lowered their weapons and Leila sheathed her blade, easily concealing the blade within the leather pouch.

"Open the gate!" Commander Byrne shouted.

As they walked up to the gates, Bellamy draped his jacket over Leila's shoulder, partially to conceal her blade and partially because he wanted to do something nice for her. Octavia and Mel supported a struggling Monroe as the guards reached for their guns.

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