✯ | chapter eight

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FINN AND LEILA grabbed the edge of the rope that was still attached to Bellamy and Mel, skidding in the dirt as they attempted to not fall over the edge.

"No!" Finn yelled. "Pull! Pull!"

Monroe joined them, grabbing the rope and aiding them as Bellamy shouted up at them furiously. "What the hell is happening up there?"

As Bellamy shouted for them, the others could barely utter a reply, too focussed on gripping the rope. The next thing that they knew, arrows were whistling through the air, impaling the ground and sending small clouds of dust and dirt rising into the air. Unable to see behind her for the source of the attack, if Leila had to hazard a guess then she would assume that it was–

"GROUNDERS!" Monroe yelled hoarsely.

Finn glanced at Leila and gestured to his gun. The brunette grabbed Finn's gun and handed it to Monroe. "Cover us."

"How many are there?" Bellamy yelled from below them, unable to see.

"We can't see 'em," Finn shouted in response. "In the trees! In the trees; aim for the trees!"

Murphy heard he spear before Leila, grabbing her with one arm and flinging himself and the brunette to one side. The wooden stick with a pointed spike on the end impaled he ground right where Leila and Murphy had been. Their sudden lurch to one side cause Finn to release the rope, throwing himself in the opposite direction.

The only bad thing was: Leila and Murphy skidded towards the edge.

"No, no, no!" Finn yelled, as Murphy and Leila struggled to keep their hands on the rope.

"He's gonna need to cut her loose. We can't do this," Murphy grunted, as an arrow sank into Monroe's thigh, taking out their cover and leaving them defenceless. "Bellamy, you gotta cut her loose!"

"No way!" Bellamy retorted.

"Cut her loose!" Murphy demanded, as Monroe continue to groan in pain.

A foghorn blew and everyone momentarily froze as the arrows raining down on them ceased. Eyes widening, Leila realised they were slipping further and further towards the edge.

"Finn!" she cried out, snapping everyone out of their daze.

"Hold on!" Finn shouted. "Monroe, back on the rope!"

They began to pull on the rope once again, their strength returning to them as they gradually gained momentum against Bellamy's and Mel's weight. Leila felt the coarse rope burning into the palms of her hand, smoothening the skin and sending it red.

As soon as Bellamy climbed over the edge and was safely on the ground, Leila released the rope and was up like a shot, flinging herself, not at Bellamy, but at Murphy.

Arms wrapping around his shoulders, she squeezed him tight before releasing him. "Thank you. You saved him. You saved me."

"It's fine," Murphy replied, unsure as to whether or not he should embrace the girl or stand there looking awkward.

"I'm sorry," Leila breathed, releasing the boy. "I'm sorry I was ever mean to you. Thank you so much."

"I'm sorry for what I did to you, Murphy shrugged apologetically. "It was wrong and a violation of your rights. I'm sorry."

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