Harry looked out the big glass window. Raindrops where sliding down the glass and he could make out a few people outside running, trying to escape the heavy rain. The weather fit his mood. Maybe someone up there knew that he was going to be feeling this way. Maybe they wanted the scenery to fit his feelings. Cold and depressed.

It’s not like Harry always was like this. He was the cheeky one, the other half of the funny, loud and mischievous bromance Larry Stylinson. And he loved being part of it, he really did. And he did love Louis.

It was just that sometimes he couldn’t keep up the happy façade, couldn’t try and be all smiles and laughs. And most if it all, he couldn’t pretend to not be in love with one of his band mates, one of his best friends.

He tried to suppress his feelings, he really did. But after almost two years of hiding and pretending that every fleeting touch from the blonde, every tiny contact didn’t make him feel a hundred times hotter and didn’t make him feel like there was a swarm of butterflies flying around in his belly. It became harder.

At first he didn’t even know he was in love with his Irish band mate. It started with little things like watching him a tad longer then he were supposed to or small touches lingering longer than needed.

But then Harry started thinking about how beautiful his laugh was and how addictive it sounded. And before he knew it he started wishing that the blonde was laughing because of him.  But he pushed aside those thoughts, because you couldn’t think like that about your guy best friend.

The day they lost the X-Factor was one of his worst days. Harry couldn’t bear to look at his tear stained face. He couldn’t bear the way those light blue eyes became dull and filled with sadness.  And the worst part was he couldn’t do a thing about it. All he could do was give him a hug and say that everything would be okay and that they would try and try until the end. They’re not only One Direction but best mates, right? He had given him a sad smile and Harry felt his chest tighten. That was the day he found out that he didn’t like that smile on Niall’s face.

But things were starting to look up for them. They got signed by Sony Music the day after the X-Factor. And they had their own single out! So they celebrated it with eating at Nandos, Niall’s idea of course. That day Harry didn’t eat much. He instead was watching Niall eat, watching that big smile on his face. The way his eyes would light up when the waiter sat down a new plate of peri peri chicken in front of him.

“You’re not going to eat that?” he remembered Niall asking him. He saw the way Niall looked at his food and pushed it toward him. “No, to excited! Here, you can have it” And he’s pretty sure that the way Niall was beaming at him is the reason he forgot to breathe.  

Since that day, Harry never eats up his food when they’re at Nandos.

The day Louis came up with the idea to post a shipping contest on his Tumblr, was the day everything became clear to Harry. The boys didn’t actually want to, but Louis wouldn’t take no for and answer. He never did.

Of course Larry Stylinson won. They were all expecting Ziam to be a good number two so when Niam almost beat Larry, they were all a surprised. Niall laughed it off and Liam hugged him, and said “Aw, we have almost as many crazy fan girls shipping us as Larry Stylinson!”  

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