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Chapter 28

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---------------NALA'S P.O.V--------------

I headed upstairs and quickly found the room that Bruno had held me captive in the first days I stayed here. Everything was still in the exact same spot as I had left it except that there was something on the bed. I walked towards the familiar bed and found the clothes Bruno had bought me spread all over the bed. A small smile formed in my lips aswell as the feeling of butterflies fluttering all over my empty stomach. I took one of the shirts in my hand aswell as a pair of jeans. I walked towards the bathroom inside of the large room when the door opened.

"Hey, you gonna take a shower?" Bruno asked as he stepped inside, his eyes looking all over my body.

"Yes. If that's okay." I said as shyness took over me.

"Yeah but you might want this." He said as he walked back outside, seconds later entering with a white towel and my white backpack.

"You kept it?" I asked as he walked over to me and handed me the items.

"Yeah. Something told me to keep them." He responded, his words slowly taking over me.

I smiled and walked back to the bathroom.


--------------BRUNO'S P.O.V------------

I left the room and just started walking around the somewhat empty house. I looked at every room and every window, trying to find anything to amuse me, but eventually gave up.

I wonder what my family is doing.

The thought appeared in my head. What were they doing? I bet mom was singing her favorite song right now while everyone else joined in. I bet all of them are together having a good time. I bet they're all happy now that i'm gone.

I shook the thought out of my head and walked inside the bedroom on my right, pictures and a simple white bed being the only thing visible as I walked inside. This was the room Nala had walked in her first day here. I walked further inside until I reached the end of the room, my eyes directed towards the picture that had captured Nala's curiosity. I took the picture in my hands and just stood there, as if frozen in time. The longer I stared at my mom and my sisters, the more pain I felt. I wasn't sure why I had so many pictures of them if everytime I looked at them my chest hurt.

I put the picture back in its spot when a light knock was heard on the door.

"Mind if I come in?"

I turned around and saw Phillip with a newly cut beard and new clothes.

"Sure." Was my simple response as I reached into my pocket and took another cigarette out.

"You really should stop smoking." Phillip said as he sat down in the plain empty bed.

"Don't you think i've tried." I said more to myself than to him. I lit the toxic cigarette and breathed in the killer chemicals.

"Remember what happened last time." Phillip said as I released a puff of smoke.

Memories of two years ago flooded in as I put the cigarette back in my mouth.

"Mr. Mars, we have some bad news." The doctor started. Phillip and I were at the doctors today because recently I had started getting problems breathing and other things. I personally was not worried but Phillip was.

"Mr. Mars, you have a history of smoking, is that right?" The 40 year old doctor asked.


"And how many times do you smoke a day Mr. Mars?"

"Ermm i don't know. Maybe seven cigarettes a day."

"Well, because of this, you are in great risk of getting lung cancer. Now don't be alarmed, you do not have cancer but if you keep smoking this frequently you could develop it."

I blinked multiple times as the memory flooded away. I took the cigarette out of my mouth and puffed another small cloud of smoke.

"I'll be fine."

Phillip sighed and stood up in disappointment.

"Anyway, that's not why I came here." He paused. "I came to talk about Bill."

"Bill? That old man that always smelled like beer and bought like 10 pounds of cocaine each day from us?" I asked as I blow out my last puff of smoke before throwing the cigarette away.

"Yes him." Phillip said as he rolled his eyes.

"What about him?" I asked, the scent of cigarette slowly fading away.

"He's dead."


"What? Dead? How?" I asked as I felt shivers spread through out my body.

"He was found dead at a warehouse by downtown LA." Phillip said as he leaned against the wall.


"Last night. It's all over the news." My body stiffened as the image of Bill dead played in my head.

I shook my head in disbelief. I didn't like the guy but he didn't deserve to die. Atleast not right now.

"How did he die?" I asked, not sure if I wanted to know.

"He was shot twice. One in the head and the other in the chest."

I sighed and took a seat in the bed. My mind was spinning and my heart felt heavy.

"That's not the worst part." Phillip spoke.

I turned to him in confusion.

"What could be worse?" I asked, the heaviness in my heart increasing.

"The police thinks we did it."

Haii guys! Sorry for not updating in a LOOOONGGG time but here I am now c: I hope you enjoy and don't forget to watch Bruno at the superbowl halftime show tomorrow!

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