✯ | chapter seven

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"EVERYONE, EYES PEELED," Bellamy ordered, as the group ran through the trees. "We're in Grounder territory."

"Everything is Grounder territory, all right?" Murphy asked breathlessly, before suddenly he slowed down. "I can't keep running. All right, we don't even know if the guy Finn killed was telling the truth."

Finn grabbed Murphy by the shoulder, shoving him forwards. "Keep moving."

"Finn," Bellamy called, stopping Finn by placing a hand on his shoulder. "We can give him a minute."

"No, we can't," Finn protested. "You heard what the Grounder said. 'They'll outlive their usefulness'."

"I heard what he said when you had a gun to his head," Bellamy replied.

"Look, you think I wanted to do that?" Finn asked incredulously. "He would have told these people we're coming. And by the time we got there, our people would be dead. Maybe that's something you can live with, but I can't!"

"Hey," Bellamy shoved Finn backwards as he attempted to shove past him. "You did what you think you had to do, but you are not yourself right now, and I cannot be out here with another loose cannon," Bellamy sent a pointed glance in Murphy's direction as he spoke.

"Guys," Leila interrupted, raising her gun instinctively from beside Bellamy.

When he and Finn fell quiet, the sound of flies buzzing filled the silence. The noise rose gradually, the further they walked, and suddenly Leila caught on to the smell of rotting corpses. Eyes widening in shock, she suddenly saw the bodies littered across the ground, all with various degrees of injuries.

"Fall in," Bellamy ordered quietly.

"Where the hell did they come from?" Murphy asked, as Leila looked down at the bodies.

Casting a glance at the attires of the dead people, Leila noticed that they all wore similar grey clothes, not the typical Grounder garb that they usually saw.

"From the Ark," Bellamy replied.

Everywhere they walked, another body caught their eye. There were dozens, all lying on the floor in sprawled out positions, as if they had died in their attempt to escape.

Following Bellamy down the path, Leila noticed Finn's mysterious disappearance, about to question Bellamy on whether they should split up to find him when she caught sight of him once again, heading towards a cliff. Joining him on the edge, Leila eyes widened.

"That's a rough landing," Murphy commented from behind Leila, a snarky tone in his voice.

From her position in the edge of the cliff, Leila saw that another station of the Ark had made it to Earth. It had landed against the side of a cliff and had, imminently, been destroyed. The side of it that had come into contact with the cliff was torn to shreds, bits of metal and bodies littering the ground around it.

"There's nothing we can do for these people," Bellamy stated, turning to the group. "We gotta go."

A loud whimpering caught Leila's attention and she turned back towards the cliff. Murphy seemed to have heard it too, as he was back by the edge within the space of a few seconds.

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