Little Ass Kicker

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After we turned it off we made our way through the corridors. Glenn and Axel caught up with us. We saw two walkers feeding on a body.

My jaw dropped. Dad shot them. 

I looked at the body and gasped "That's T-Dog"

I just ran out without thinking.

I looked around "They should be outside by now, shouldn't they?"

Hershel and Beth came to us.

Hershel "Where are T and Carol? the others"

Daryl shook his head  "they didn't make it"

Dad "We don't know that!"

I cracked out "They got T"

Hershel looked down.

Dad shook his head. He was panicking.

Me "Dad, I'm going back in. "

Dad yelled at me"You are not leaving! "

Me " I'm going back inside. They have to be in there somewhere"

Dad yelled again"Damn it, Kendall! I just said you are no going bac-!!"

But he got cut off by baby cries.

Everyone froze. 

Dad turned around. Maggie came out with a baby. Carl had a look on his face that said it all. Maggie was crying.

My jaw dropped. I began to cry.

 I sobbed "Oh my god"

Dad "Where is she?"

Maggie shook her head, sobbing"no, Rick, no!"

She held the baby.

I looked at Carl. His face said it all.

Dad began to cry and sobbed "no.!no!no!"

He kept screaming no.

I shook my head sobbing  "She can't- be. I-i mean-"

Daryl let his crossbow fall and hugged me tight. I tried to push him away.

I screamed sobbing "Let go of me! Daryl, please let go of me!!"

I hit his chest like i was crazy but he didn't let go.

Daryl tried to calm me down "It's going to be okay."

I shook my head.

Then i heard the baby screaming again.

I looked at her.

I have a little sister now.

I looked at my dad. He was kneeling down crying.

I tried to let go of Daryl. He looked at me. I nodded to him.

I tried to calm down. He let go of me and i walked to dad. i whipped my tears away. I put a hand on his shoulder.

I sobbed "Dad? Look at me, dad."

 I kneeled down in front of him, took his face in my and and forced him to look at me.

I cracked "Dad, hey, don't let us alone now. please."

He nodded.

I stood up and saw Carl walking with the Baby to Hershel.

I walked to them but stopped next to Daryl "She'll need food. We don't have any food for baby's"

Hershel "the good news is she looks healthy but she needs formula soon or she won't survive"

Daryl took his crossbow and shook her head "nope, no way. not her. we ain't gonna lose anybody else. I'm going for a run"

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