Chapter 04 - Just One Kiss

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Stripped Of Emotions.



Chapter Four – Just One Kiss.

Gabriel swirled the cool liquid around in his glass while he observed the woman sitting across him. She seemed nervous and very uncomfortable, though they spend so much time together. She no longer trembled when he looked at her but you could still tell that she wasn’t at ease with them. Her smile was forced and she rarely spoke long sentences. She always answers questions but she never asked questions herself. He knew why, her eyes told him she didn’t trust any of them. Not that she was wrong about her assumptions, the least you knew the safer you were. It just didn’t set him well, it actually annoyed him that she distanced herself from him. Usually he finds it perfectly  fine that a woman rarely speaks to him, he likes less talking and more action after all. Sharing stories made you connect with a person and he wasn’t going to connect with any woman. Not after Melissa. He didn’t want to get hurt once again.

He placed his glass upon the table and reached over the table to refill her drink for her, “You barely touched your food. You should eat something, do you want something else?”

He watched her shake her head while she forced a smile upon her face again. He really wanted to tell her to stop the act and be herself but he knew she was being kind to him. She was trying to be nice to him even though she disliked him. He shouldn’t make things easier for them, he should be relieved that she was trying to keep her distance from him.

“This is fine” She told him quietly while she took a spoonful of her spaghetti so she didn’t have to talk to him.

He resisted the urge to roll his eyes and just refilled his own glass of wine. Thank god he didn’t have to drive back, because to make this evening less boring he needed at least two bottles of wine. He suggested to eat out together so they could have some privacy and discuss their situation at home. Rodolfo was still very suspicious of her but Michaelangelo didn’t answer any of his questions. Michaelangelo kept the truth to himself, he didn’t know why Michaelangelo was doing him this favor but he was grateful for it. They needed to match their stories because he was sure that after Rodolfo questioned him about Ava, he would start questioning Ava about him. Their stories needed to match each other perfectly otherwise he HAD to tell Rodolfo the truth and he was sure that it wouldn’t end well.

“Want to start making up our story?” He asked her with a bright smile upon his face which kind of scared her.

Raising an eyebrow at him in confusion she leaned back more to create even more space between them, “Why are you smiling at me like that?” She mumbled before she cleared her throat, “Why don’t you tell me your concept and I’ll decide if I like it or not.”

He chuckled at her suggestion, she was calling out the shots without thinking twice about it. It really conflicted with her anxiousness.

He got more comfortable in his seat and looked her straight in the eyes. This time she didn’t look away though she looked right back at him with a challenging look in her eyes. Was she mocking him? He really hated the fact that he couldn’t read this woman.

“So we’ve met in the restaurant that you were working at. You served me my drink, whisky since that’s my favorite and I felt attracted to you right away. I asked you to spend the night with me but you refused which made me want to work harder for your attention, I usually don’t prefer to work hard for a woman but for you I made an exception.”