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Y/N's P.O.V

It's Valentines Day, you know that day of the year where you tell people you love them, go out on cheesy dates and boast about it online? Shouldn't you tell people you love them every day? Anyways, at my school you can buy roses and have them delivered to your valentine or crush, anonymous or not, and confess your feelings. It's my last year at high school and were sitting in English. We, as in my boyfriend long-time boyfriend Ricky and I along with some of his friends, Chris, Kuza and Vinny. We all say at the single desks along the back row, it's almost time for the roses to be delivered, Ricky's leg constantly tapped on the ground from the corner of my eye. He is nervous that I'm going to get a rose from somebody other than him. No matter how many times I tell him that he is the only person I love and I would never leave him, he is still anxious.

Soon enough, there was a loud knock on the door. Ricky's head shot up and I smiled at him softly. He looked at me and smiled sadly.

'Calm down, I only want you' I mouthed and reached my hand out to hold his. His large tattooed hand wrapped around mine.  The rose bearer walked around the room with her basket of roses and handed them out. Chris smiled when his crush, Grace got her rose from him. As the Rose bearer got closer, I started to get butterflies in my stomach.

"Lucky girl, you're the first person to get more than one today" She chuckled and placed two roses on my desk, one black and one purple. I shot Ricky a glance and he didn't look happy. A black rose laid on his desk, from me.

"Who is it from?" He asked, "and thanks for the rose baby, I love you" I quickly stood up and kissed him and sat back down.

"I love you too," I checked the card on the rose;

Hey, Y/N. Happy Valentines Day! I know you have a boyfriend, but that doesn't stop my uncontrollable feelings towards you. I love you. Y/N Y/L/N. -Anonymous.

"and it's anonymous" Ricky ignored the teachers protest and walked to me. He grabbed the rose from my desk and snarled.

"You're mine. I'm going to fucking find out who this is from" He snarled. I placed my hand over his and stood up.

"Ricky, babe, calm down. Whoever it is clearly doesn't know that. Never leaving you for them, or anybody. I want to spend my life with you," I showed him the promise ring he gave me for Christmas and he sighed,"see this? I accepted it because I need you in my life. Now stop worrying and hug me" He chuckled and wrapped his arms around my waist. Mine slipped around his chest and I listened to his heartbeat. Everybody is the class were too focused on their roses to say something about us. Nobody likes us because we wear black makeup and have tattoos and piercings. I pulled away from Ricky and his blue irises stared into mine,

"I love you" He whispered. I smiled and kisses his jaw before placing my lips on his.

Anonymous P.O.V

I watched the scene in front of me. Ricky's arms wrapped around the love of my life, and I can barely take it. I've been watching them for the past three years. He asked her out the same day I was going to. She loves me! She said it. Dream or not they can come true. They pulled apart from eachother when the bell rang, Ricky's hand rested on Y/N's lower back as she picked up her bag and they walked out with their fingers intertwined. That's supposed to be me. I sighed and threw my stuff into my bag. I threw it over my shoulder and stormed out of my class. I manoeuvred through the students and made my way to my friends. I found them sitting under a tree and walked to them.

"Hey guys" I sighed. I sat against the tree in a spare spot and pulled my legs to my chest.

"Devin! Kylie called me and told me about her rose! That's so cute!" I looked up and saw Y/N speed walking towards us, dragging a smiling Ricky behind her.  That's meant to be me.

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